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It is natural for interviewees to feel nervous in an interview. Candidates should find common ground with the hiring manager, as they are always looking for qualified people to work with, they also want employees they enjoy working with.

Lauded by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for its track record of success, Year Up is a national nonprofit organization that provides urban young adults with an intensive, yearlong training program and career-focused education in growing professional industries.

Year Up’s greatest asset is our enduring alumni network. We want to be your on-going partner! 85% of Year Up’s alumni are employed and/or attending college full-time within 4 months of completing the program, on a path to economic self-sufficiency and success.

How We Can Help You

Never settle for a ho-hum job again.

Qualified Candidates

We present and place only Year Up Graduates who successfully completed the intensive year-long program

Hand-picked Matches

We match our associates’ skills and their known performance history with our customers’ needs and manage the relationship.

Long-Term Relationships

We are committed to the long term career advancement of our members and act as a resource for their continued development as contributors in their organizations.

Job Placement Services

We provide a pool of dedicated, determined and skilled talent for permanent roles, contract assignments and conversions from temporary to permanent assignments.


We stay engaged with both our associates and our customers as the partnership is established and the work begins; Check ins, site visits, on-line training and one-on-one career coaching is all a piece of the plan at YUPRO.

Alumni Support

We return our profits to Year Up for additional alumni programs and services. Are you a YUPRO alumni? Head to the Alumni Sign-Up area to check out our resources!

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