michelle sims, CEO

Michelle is a dynamic executive who has led staffing and human resource teams nationally. Prior to taking on the role of CEO, Michelle served on the YUPRO Board of Directors and now is excited to bring together her passion for helping others and her industry experience. Michelle plans to continue building a sustainable future for the socially-driven mission of YUPRO. Michelle’s experience includes leading the national operations for an after-school program for under-privileged youth as well as teaching and mentoring students when she was an instructor at Houston Community College for 17 years. Throughout her career Michelle has had direct impact in motivating opportunity youth. She has experienced firsthand the impact that a socially-responsible organization can make in shaping children, families and a community. “YUPRO’s foundation and mission is grounded in Year Up; our goal is to build on this foundation and carry this mission nationally to markets and companies who seek a socially responsible opportunity to hire top talent. We will create an opportunity youth placement movement in today’s workforce that matters to the future of our country.”

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