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The original series, manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH between 1949 and 1965, employed a tube design; the M 7 capsule was used until 1958, then superseded by the K 47. The M 7 PVC membranes deteriorate and dry out with age, therefore in 1958 the M 7 capsule was superseded by the K 47, which had a similar acoustical design as the M 7 but used membranes made of age-resistant biaxially oriented PET film. Günther Prien, passou através das defesas de maior base naval britânica, em Scapa Flow, Escócia. U 47 war ein deutsches U-Boot vom Typ VII B, das im Zweiten Weltkrieg von der Kriegsmarine eingesetzt wurde.. Berühmt wurde U 47 durch die Versenkung des britischen Schlachtschiffes Royal Oak im britischen Flottenstützpunkt Scapa Flow. U 35 | Prior to her disappearance in March 1941, U-47 lost one crewman, Heinrich Mantyk, who fell overboard on 5 September 1940. Das Boot lief am 3. She returned to port three days later on the 23rd. U 140 | März 1940 von Wilhelmshaven aus und am 29. Este texto é disponibilizado nos termos da licença. [5], Das Boot lief am 3. U 228 | U 74 | [9] Following the attack, Prien received the nickname Der Stier von Scapa Flow ("The Bull of Scapa Flow"); the emblem of a snorting bull was then painted on the conning tower of U-47 and the image soon became the emblem of the entire 7th U-boat Flotilla. U 11 | Das Boot lief am 16. Prien surfaced and fired a single shot from his 88 mm deck gun to stop the ship but instead Bosnia made steam and began radioing an alert ('SSS') along with its name and position. U 245 | U 247 | Attempting to escape, SS Gartavon broadcast the submarine alert, drawing fire from the deck gun. German submarine U-47 was a Type VIIB U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II. U 111 | U 49 | Der Bauauftrag für U 47 wurde am 21. U 41 | Postwar assessment showed that the boat attacked there was UA which was only damaged. Am 17. When entering the map, if U-47 is the sole unit of the submarine fleet: increases damage dealt to Battleships (Battlecruisers and Aviation Battleships are not counted) by 5% (20%), increases Search Level by 1 and increases Ammo by 2. U 188 | U 23 | Neumann U 47 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.The original series, manufactured by Georg Neumann GmbH between 1949 and 1965, employed a tube design; the M 7 capsule was used until 1958, then superseded by the K 47.. Neumann U 47 FET was a first reissue, with a head grille similar to the original U 47 but using solid-state circuitry (discrete op-amps) and using the K 47 capsule. [4] Its desirability is based primarily on the synergy of its three sound-shaping components: capsule, tube, transformer. U 221 | U 69 | April 1940 in Kiel ein. U 141 | U 227 | After traveling around the British Isles into the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel, U-47 sank a further three vessels, Navasota on 5 December, the Norwegian steamer MV Britta on 6 December and Tajandoen on 7 December. [1][2], The microphone is well known for its clear sound, with a distinct emphasis in its upper-midrange frequency response and it has been used in countless famous recordings. U 223 | Neumann U 47 is regarded as one of several all-time preferred tube recording microphones ("The Big Five").

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