what happens when corso opens the ninth gate

I’ve only seen it on broadcast TV, and came away wondering the movie’s incoherence was due to cuts for content. And one other little thing- when The Girl (this is how she’s listed on imdb) floats down the stairs by the river during the fight, isn’t that the exact same location used in Frantic and Ronin? He didn’t hope to gain anything except the solution to the riddle, unlike the others who wanted godhood. Here are some of the reasons why. In the book she is a fallen angel, a character of intense sadness. We fail to see the evil in his acts, we justify what evil we do see, and we happily share his fate. Depp did a great job of portraying him as weaselly and arrogant. She wants Corso because unlike the fake evil of Balkan or Telfer, Corso offers real evil. Although Corso does behave deplorably, doing almost anything for first money, then his own satisfaction, the audience will almost never classify him as "evil," despite his voluntary journey into hell.A vastly underrated film. Ater watching "The Ninth Gate", I was pretty disappointed. It really has layers upon layers of subtlety in it.It's actually the precise kind of movie that the critics claim to like. He has realized that his "friends" as they were in the book, had forged the last, in order to sell the book. AW, Excellent points, especially the bit about the evil baptism. . Can we recognize the truth? I was a Johnny Depp fan (mostly), till I made the mistake of seeing that Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Lucifer's initials being LCF. This is one of my favorite movies because it's just so well written and so well put together. Jerks.On an interesting aside, I read the book the movie came from -- The Club Dumas. Moreover, he somehow manages to create a character that is simultaneously repulsive and yet so interesting you just can't stop watching him. Much in the film is highly symbolic and that certainly is a great interpretation of Polanski's use of blood by the woman. There are hints throughout the movie of the kind of sinful/evil people Corso is dealing with. sqt,Glad you liked it. In various commentaries, Polanski has asserted that the “sexy French chick” is indeed Satan and not one of his minions. In fact, when the devil later finds Bernie's dead body, he exclaims: "Jesus Christ" [ as a matter of tribute ] . It is similar to the book in that it is abrupt, leaving the rest up to the viewer/reader. Corso watches Balkan burn with more than a hint of satisfaction on his face. isn't floating in the air a kind of sensational "hollywood evil" anyway?Depp's low-key performance is so much in contrast to Fear and loathing and many others, his range of acting is so huge but this is my favourite with him, along Donnie Brasco.As for Roman Polanski; Rosemary's baby, pianist, Chinatown etc. He was motivated by money and greed and in the end it got him the "prize". Blockbuster video, here I come!That Roman Polanski...he's good at his evil.Great Read, thanks! Except... by the middle, there is a clear supernatural element, with "The Girl" flying/floating around. OK, so in the film, we get to see Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) running around different parts of Europe (Potugal and France, to be more precise), searching for two copies of a book called The Nine Gates (of something or other). maybe Depp should have kicked a puppy?Check out the new film site -- CommentaramaFilms! I don't really know how to properly explain this, but it is like none of the cast was into this movie at all. He's more enlightened than that. Since we have obviously both spent more time on this than Polansky, allow me to give you my interpretations as they differ from yours: I believe Boris Balkan was murdering people to cover his tracks. Each book has a nearly identical copy of pictures, with these (significant) minor differences. You are more likely to think it is two hours of your life you will never get back. The movie Ronin, is a very well done understated action movie by John Frankenheimer -- he went for realism and drama, and it shows. Indeed, that moment spoke volumes. Clearly Polanski has unwound much of what the book is trying to tell, remaking it into his own story.The ending seems to be the only way it can be as Polanski has set it up. But then, the more I thought about it, the more impressed I became. Am I right in thinking it is now Corso who will be the “One”? But the final engraving is a forgery. I think he potrayed a slimy, unscrupulous agent really well. No, seriously. Also, her’s is the face of the woman riding the beast in the final engraving, and when she and Corso finally have sex, her eyes glow as the flames build behind them, making her physically appear as the devil might.As the devil, Hollywood tells us she would be interested in Balkan or Telfer, but she’s not.

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