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The whole ensemble is great but its her manic, disarmingly empathetic performance that single-handedly elevates the whole affair and allows it to aspire to something much more than just schlocky, well-lit chills. Even King Kong's bizarre appearance in the series can't save it. But this doesn't have anything to do with Leonardo DiCaprio being eaten by a bear. Make way for the king! Oh, don't get us wrong, it's also incredibly entertaining. But as we all know, especially when it comes to anime, pretty art isn't everything. 's single 12-episode season, but when it comes to anime, the best series are often the ones that don't overstay their welcome. With Netflix Originals not only winning Emmys, but now Academy Awards as well— much to Steven Spielberg's dismay— it's safe to say that the service has come a long way from the days when its original programming consisted of niche little shows that most subscribers barely noticed. We're hero worshiping. If there is one thing Netflix has— sometimes inexplicably so— it's money to spend on its original programming. Those freaking cliffhangers! Summary: Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star in the twisted dark-comedy series "Dead to Me." But then you wouldn't be reading this if that wasn't right up your sick, twisted alley, would you? Westerns have a varied and illustrious cinematic tradition that hasn't always been successfully replicated on television. Where Stranger Things indulged heavily in period nostalgia and a healthy dose of teen and tween angst and camaraderie, Dark is a much drearier, weirder, and darker beast. The moody atmosphere, nostalgic '80s vibe, and rockstar performances (bandwagon shoutout to Winona Ryder, who disappears in that role. Summary: In the action film "Close," Noomi Rapace leads the cast as Sam, an expert in counter-terrorism who is forced to go on the run when she and the woman under her protection are attacked. It's difficult to predict where any viewer might land on the issue. A third season hasn't been ruled out yet, so maybe things can still get better... but you still have to watch two dull seasons to get caught up. When her long-term boyfriend puts their relationship on hold, Sasha returns to her roots to do some soul-searching and reconnects with Marcus in the process. We’re far enough away from the film to take it in for what it is—it’s a bizarre stunt done with a staggering amount of commentary. Summary: On this Netflix comedy series, Gad Elmaleh stars as a satirical version of himself. It seems that the story has already been wrapped up in A.I.C.O. Subscriber "Rugaard, a Danish-Irish 21-year-old, feels like a major discovery," wrote critic, . If there are any major gripes to be found with B, it's that the villains are a bit cookie-cutter, and the investigation surrounding the show's primary big bad follows the usual familiar beats of a detective story like this. follows the expansive cast of characters as they set off fireworks and sneak into screenings of "Day of the Dead." However, it's the dramatizations that really set Wormwood apart and launch it well and truly into the realm of weird. While admittedly a little slow to get going, once Castlevania got the origin stuff out of the way, it took off like a whip and proved itself to be perhaps the best video game adaptation of all time. Read More: People can't stop talking about Netflix's psychological thriller 'Chambers.' While there's nothing inherently wrong with trying to reinvent a classic character with a fresh take, giving Tarzan special powers and making Jane a hip big-city girl just doesn't work. It’s silly, fast, absurd, and it’s definitely what you want if you’re looking for weird. Requiem is that kind of show. "It's a consistent joy to watch the series bring that same richness to its characters' internal realities," wrote critic Hannah Giorgis of The Atlantic. When it was announced that Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, was doing another animated series, it was obviously a big deal. Animation in particular can be easy to be misled by, as some of the prettiest-looking shows are often some of the worst when it comes to their actual quality. "Those new to such substandard beyond-the-grave stuff, on the other hand, will wish they'd never seen it in the first place.". sprang up, even before a single second of the show was revealed. "Taken as a whole, 'I Think You Should Leave' deserves to be held up as one of the finest things that Netflix has ever produced," wrote critic, . Finally, you just can't have a list of the weirdest and darkest shows on Netflix without a shout out to the granddaddy of weird television, David Lynch's epic masterpiece Twin Peaks. Jake Gyllenhaal delivers an early signature performance as Donnie. If you haven't had time to binge watch this series, you're missing out on one of the best and most acclaimed shows on TV, with an amazing cast that includes the likes of Jon Hamm, Hayley Atwell, Domhnall Gleeson, Rupert Everett, and Rafe Spall. Stay far, far away from this one. But you know, superpowers, so it's a conundrum. Between The X-Files, Hannibal, and American Gods, the woman is a force of nature, and one we wouldn't mind getting to know personally. That show is usually Attack on Titan. It's a trigger warning with an itchy finger, so watch at your own peril. "Tuca and Bertie are still trying to figure things out, but the series handles their growing pains with tenderness and understanding.". Though Skylanders has since moved away from Spyro being front and center, he is still a primary character in this charming animated adaptation. What are you waiting for, partner? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Wizards is due out later this year. Morris' approach to the material is odd and this is far from your average murder mystery, but his formal indulgences are warranted. When her long-term boyfriend puts their relationship on hold, Sasha returns to her roots to do some soul-searching and reconnects with Marcus in the process. from start to finish with intimacy and power. The Seven Deadly Sins. And done. In this case, rant-based comedian Bill Burr brings us F is for Family— also executive produced by Vince Vaughn— an animated series that feels like something of a throwback to family-based cartoon sitcoms like King of the Hill, only not nearly as family-friendly. His rival is a Labrador (Paul F. Thompkins), his agent is a Persian cat (Amy Sedaris), and his roommate is a slacker human (Aaron Paul). Roger Ebert critic Nick Allen wrote that he understood what the film was trying to do, but still felt it missed the mark. ... Okja is easily the best Netflix original movie to date. If you like movies that are weird for weirdness’ sake, Netflix isn’t the best provider, but it still has quite a few gems. Netflix will continue to churn out original films, TV shows, and comedy specials in the new year, and already there's a lot on the schedule "She's the not-so-secret motor of 'I Am Mother,' a dynamic presence that lends blood, guts and soul to this dystopic vision.". For several years, Netflix has been proving itself as a network to watch when it comes to original content. Netflix has produced a lot of original TV series and films, Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, The scariest originals to watch on Netflix, ranked by critics, All of Netflix's original romantic films, ranked by critics, 22 surprising things you probably didn't know about 'Stranger Things'. Instead of going to sleep at the end of the day and then waking up yesterday morning, she dies at the end of each time loop, and then gets tossed right back into her 36th birthday party. It’s a buddy-cop comedy with a bizarre twist—but there’s something hypnotic and transcendent about all 100 minutes of it. According to the streaming giant's latest … Variety critic Owen Gleiberman was unimpressed with the biopic-like effort, writing, "It's just a thinly written VH1-style sketchbook of a movie — which is to say, it's a Netflix film, with zero atmosphere, overly blunt lighting, and a threadbare post-psychological telegraphed quality that gives you nothing to read between the lines.". "Rugaard, a Danish-Irish 21-year-old, feels like a major discovery," wrote critic David Fear for Rolling Stone. According to The Verge, the show is based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski that also spawned a bunch of popular video games, so it had a ready-made fan base right out of the gate and has attracted a horde of additional fans, most of whom are broken and betrayed former Game of Thrones fans looking for a series that might do something other than waste eight whole years of their lives. He also has a knack for bone-crunching violence. The plot of The Santa Clarita Diet is basically this: A woman becomes a zombie, develops a hunger for human flesh, and her ever-loving and supportive family has to figure out how to kill people so she can feed herself while also keeping her job as a real estate agent. Thankfully, the beauty of streaming services like Netflix is that you can happily stream everything you didn’t pay to see in theaters. It’s really no surprise that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made a hard R-rated cartoon. : A mixture of stunning concert footage and behind-the-scenes build-up, "Homecoming" is a music documentary with superstar Beyoncé as its guiding force. In fact, as the show progresses, it becomes clear that the monsters aren't really as evil as some of the people are, which is a trope, granted, but one that works in this format. "It's not a good sign ... when a movie ostensibly meant to rekindle one's faith in mankind makes you long instead for permanent apocalypse," wrote The Hollywood Reporter critic Keith Uhlich. Say goodbye to the cutesy Sabrina we know from the '90s and early 2000s. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is part Riverdale and part American Horror Story. The little bit of charm that it had was thanks to Alec Baldwin's fun turn as the titular infant— and needless to say, he didn't reprise his role here. I don’t mean that sarcastically. Make no mistake, there is plenty of vulgarity... but unlike, say, the next item in our list, it isn't crass just for the sake of being crass. Animator Don Hertzfeldt built the narrative around recordings of his daughter. Craig takes a tired premise and injects life (and plenty of jokes) into it. Think the demented lovechild of Twin Peaks, True Detective, and Lost, and you're about halfway there. Here's what you need to know before you watch. She's a ghost in that role, man), resonated with fans so well, the show was immediately picked up for a second season, followed by a third season. "Its greatest value is probably in how it could educate budding movie-lovers on cheesy and predictable storytelling, but even that seems like a lesson Rim of the World cynically teaches at an elementary level," wrote Allen. But between their original shows and the decades worth of classic series available to binge watch, let's just say that the dark corners of Netflix are truly dark indeed. It's weird, crazy stuff—exactly what you'd expect from people who always deliver the unexpected. and features top-tier voice talent that includes Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, and Jason Schwartzman.

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