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'https://ssl-':'http://')+'s.idio.co/ia.js',s.parentNode.insertBefore(ia,s)})(document,'script'); _rfi('setArgs', 'ver', '9'); } Watch colours fill the sky at the St Annes on Sea Kite Festival, and you won’t go hungry with the food festivals springing up. Membership Dashboard; Update your Email Address; Forgotten your Password; Reactivate your Account; Change Region; Membership Help Desk; VATPRC Hainan Island: Fly-in/out. background-color:white !important; From. Home; Members; Upcoming Events; Membership Links. During the heat of July, take advantage of the weather with a host of outdoor events spanning the country. Want more instant cultural gratification? _rfi('setArgs', 'ca', '20654803'); Get ahead of the game when it comes to booking tickets and telling your mates what to see in London town. body #cc-tag a:hover,#cc-tag a:visited:hover{ Birmingham | Utilita Arena Birmingham. border-left: 1px solid #999 !important; You’re spoilt for choice. border-right: 1px solid #999 !important; Event Calendar. if(w >= 769 && w <= 949 ) { Or even science? FREE Chief Nursing Officers BME Strategic Advisory Group 12th Annual Conference (Virtual) 16 October 2020 - Virtual Event. var _iaq = [ Join residents of Bath in the spectacular Jane Austen Festival, or fill up on deliciousness at Liverpool’s Food and Drink Festival. From the top-notch theatre openings to eye-popping new art exhibitions to essential gigs, this is your guide to all of the best events happening around the city that you definitely won't want to miss this year. _rfi('setArgs', 'rb', '18057'); color:#bbb !important; var w = window, d = document; Tickets Cancelled. See our month-by-month calendar of London's best, biggest and hottest events in 2020. "@context": "http://schema.org", body #cc-tag a span, #cc-tag a:visited span{ Jeff Lynne's ELO Jeff Lynne's ELO, Dhani Harrison. "@type": "Organization", } } "name": "The O2", ['delivery', 154], Glasgow | SEC Armadillo, Glasgow. Tue 13 Oct 2020. FREE East Region ½ day Practical NAPAC training … Get your diary out for a month of must-see art, Gorge on all the grub London has to offer, Never miss the latest gig and nightlife announcements. "userData": { It’s time for the activity to begin with festivals of walking in Derbyshire and Devon, the London Marathon, and the Aintree Grand National in Liverpool. //Set client and delivery [CDATA[*/window.zEmbed||function(e,t){var n,o,d,i,s,a=[],r=document.createElement("iframe");window.zEmbed=function(){a.push(arguments)},window.zE=window.zE||window.zEmbed,r.src="javascript:false",r.title="",r.role="presentation",(r.frameElement||r).style.cssText="display: none",d=document.getElementsByTagName("script"),d=d[d.length-1],d.parentNode.insertBefore(r,d),i=r.contentWindow,s=i.document;try{o=s}catch(c){n=document.domain,r.src='javascript:var d=document.open();d.domain="'+n+'";void(0);',o=s}o.open()._l=function(){var o=this.createElement("script");n&&(this.domain=n),o.id="js-iframe-async",o.src=e,this.t=+new Date,this.zendeskHost=t,this.zEQueue=a,this.body.appendChild(o)},o.write(''),o.close()}("https://assets.zendesk.com/embeddable_framework/main.js","theo2.zendesk.com");/*]]>*/ It’s time for the activity to begin with festivals of walking in Derbyshire and Devon, the … We have reopened our library and club facilities. }); //include the Idio Analytics JavaScript "https://www.instagram.com/theo2london" ] if (typeof w['_rfi'] !== 'function') { w['_rfi']=function() { } The festival season really kicks off in February with events in literature, history, music and food, not to to mention Chinese New Year. In the build up to Christmas there’s always something jolly and warming to enjoy. gtag('config', 'AW-948682633'); The WOW Factor - Sunny Hindustani and Salman Ali Live Stream, Rescheduled | With special guest King Princess, Postponed | 2020 Unibet Premier League Darts. var analytics = { function OptanonWrapper() { }

 } Why not fill every weekend? In the colder months it can get a bit gloomy. if(w > 949 ) { "userData": { body #cc-tag a, #cc-tag a:visited{ gtag('js', new Date()); Find out which areas are open and the safety measures we have put in place. } Check out our pick of things to do in London this week and over the weekend. Here’s your exhaustive guide to the very best events, activities and things to do all over London for the whole of the year. There are even historical re-enactments (with canons!) "device":"Mobile" Read here Attend an event. border-right: 1px solid #ccc !important; The WOW Factor - Sunny Hindustani and Salman Ali Live Stream s.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript'); 'u7': 'https://www.theo2.co.uk/events', window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Déjà vu! © 2020 Time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc.

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