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Montreal, Canada: Aerial showing St. Helene’s Island and the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Please read our Commenting Policy first. Late-night bottomless cups of coffee and over-sized breakfasts also became highly popular. But Upper Canada, and particularly its capital, York, were a lot more class aware at the end of the eighteenth century. The modern Yonge-Eglinton Centre now covers the corner. A similar view today shows the ultra-busy intersection where work is progressing on the new Eglinton Crosstown light rail project. TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – 2016/08/19: CN tower in Toronto skyline seen from Lake Ontario. News from the United Kingdom would take about two months to traverse the Atlantic. Enjoy the photographs, dear reader, and thanks for stopping by! Its nice to have an addiction where I don't wake up sore all over. A welcome email is on its way. The dining room is pictured here, and on the far wall, you can see the portraits of John Small, on the left, and Elizabeth Small, on the right. The afternoon saw a picnic and festival in aid of the new St. Patrick’s School House, and a church on Dummer Street. CANADA – MAY 08: Canada – Ontario – Toronto – Skyline – 1972-75 (Photo by Doug Griffin/Toronto Star via Getty Images). Fun Fact - if 14 large hippos could be rammed into the elevator and sit still for 58 seconds, the 23.8 square m glass floor could support their mass. It can also be ordered by phoning University of Toronto Press, Distribution: 416-667-7791 (ISBN 978.1.62619.450.2). Cudanin is especially interested in what he calls the “Could Have” buildings, “the historical buildings…. Fran’s had a booth in the Food Building at the CNE in 2014, when it offered deep-fried rice pudding. The Horticultural Society put on an evening concert and dance, with music supplied by two military bands. Each photo is accompanied by a brief text that informs readers of the history of the sites, and includes interesting anecdotes. As usual, my choice is mostly for the historical, and three of the City of Toronto's historic sites are putting on special events. The neon sign on Fran’s, photo taken in October, 2016. All remixed images by Alden Cudanin. The building was demolished in 1949. The historic house would be demolished the following year. ", "Looking for a unique and memorable Canada Day? In 2013, Honest Ed's went on sale for a hundred mill and was anticipated to be shut down. The following photos depict life on Then and now: Take a look at these photos of the First World War on campus Thousands cheered Marilyn’s accomplishment during a downtown parade on Sept. 13, 1954. Although the dining room had retained its family-style atmosphere, major changes were visible. Old Toronto: Then and Now (Photos) Post navigation < > Honest Ed's, Casa Loma, and more. This alluded to the British North America Act, which made reference to the country as a Dominion. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. The district was abandoned for nearly a decade, but now it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Toronto and is the home to many annual festivals. Over the past few years, I have started amassing a digital archive of photographs, showing the history of the City of Toronto. In 1800, the old Town of York was home to less than one thousand people. (CP PHOTO/Geoff Howe). Fran Deck died in an automobile accident in Arizona in 1976. actual Queen. The Town of York was a pretty small place back then, stretching for a few blocks between George Street and Parliament Street, and from the lake at Front Street, north to Adelaide Street. During reconstruction the pillars and statue were restored. The Cathedral Church of St. James, at the northeast corner of King and Church streets, in 1867. One Captain Woodhouse, who commanded a ship called Lord Nelson, was in charge of the patriotic barbecue. Inside, at the height of its glory, the house contained a total of thirteen rooms, and outside the exterior of the house was surrounded by a fenced in garden. About two years ago, I came across a photograph in the Imagine if John and Elizabeth Small could be brought forward over two hundred years into the future, and shown the location of their home at Berkeley House today, and if they could take in the city that has grown up all around it. I really love comparing what Toronto looked like in the past with what it looks like today. After several years of being a "work in progress", I've finally completed a book on the earliest history of Toronto. Members of the Executive Council were also usually members of the Legislative Council, which acted similar to the United Kingdom's House of Lord, and which also had veto power over the Legislative Assembly. He shot John White through the ribs, and White lingered in excruciating pain for 36 hours before dying on the evening of January 4th, 1800. Keeping an eye on what our American neighbours were doing was more a source of consternation than entertainment, as witnessed by the fact that they would eventually cast an invading eye towards Upper Canada during the War of 1812. Today, Toronto has a population in the millions. Canada 150: What travellers have to say about Canadians. Other sources were, and I really love comparing what Toronto looked like in the past with what it looks like today. The resulting images are compelling precisely because of their weirdness: befuddled-looking pedestrians from the past seem even more befuddled as 1997 sedans drive behind cars from fifty years earlier, and new blue condos take attention away from the sepias and grays that colour the earliest shots. They have been credited according to information provided at that time. About a year ago, though, Cudanin decided that rather than just juxtapose the two contrasting photos—old beside new, then alongside now—he’d start making them into one. Although some traditionalist Tories and historical diehards may still refer to the day as Dominion Day, most people these days of course refer to July 1st as Canada Day. 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. "In addition to flag raising and flag lowering ceremonies, the Fort York Summer Guard, dressed as members of the Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry (circa 1815) will perform demonstrations of musketry, artillery and fife and drum music. Read more about cookies here. Art historian and museum curator Vincent Giguere checks out Queen Victoria's body. Victoria Regina : the current statue of Queen Victoria at Queen's Park in Toronto wasn't installed until 1902. Today’s The Way We Were has one of each. It seems that Simcoe was one of the few people who actually held John Small in high regard. Find photos of your apartment, work, or favourite park! Her accomplishment remains as one of the city’s most memorable and spectacular events. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese. Hey you! But sometimes, it's hard to glean just what lessons history has to teach us. In October of 2016, I revisited the restaurant to relive a few fond memories. The Globe and Mail building is seen in the centre foreground of this photograph, still under construction. And with Canadian Confederation, we were set to become the capital of the brand-new Province of Ontario. Regina, Saskatchewan; ca.1930–Cities– Skyline view looking along Scarth St., from the Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina. It stood at the southwest corner of King Street and Berkeley Street, which took its name from the house. I'm glad that you found me. Was Sleeping Beauty locked up in the tower? One would think that these would give us great insight into the province's early governance. To place an order for this book, published by History Press: . Additionally, the location of this shot was mislabeled as “Queen West and Bolton”; it’s Queen East and Boulton. He was vice-chancellor of Evangelical Alliance, a Father of Confederation, and a rival of Sir John A. Macdonald. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images). The Distillery District has the largest number of Victorian-Era buildings in North America. Presumably, both men had an opportunity to recover from whatever liquid revelry they'd downed at their lethal Christmas party. On May 14, 2012, Leonard Cohen was awarded the Glenn Gould Prize in a gala concert in Massey Hall. just over 66 years, which was a couple of years longer than the reign of the We apologize, but this video has failed to load. The patriotic inspiration for this was the fact that another Canada Day is upon us. Major Small’s wife, Elizabeth, had snubbed John White’s wife, Marianne, in public, at a time when social slights were taken very seriously. Most expansion is happening in the downtown core with several condominiums rising on Toronto's skyline. You will need to go to look.

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