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Geoffrey is fascinated by her, as he finds in her an amazing resemblance to his lost sweetheart. A Country Girl (Original, Musical, Broadway) opened in New York City Sep 22, 1902 and played through Dec 27, 1902. 28 - Barry & Chorus - "You women nowadays are a mass of affectation", No. At the London house of Lord Anchester, an old friend of the Rajah, a ball is being held. by Lionel Monckton. village where his manor house lay, and disposed of much of his family © 2001 - 2020, The Broadway League, All Rights Reserved. Attending is Nan, the Rajah, accompanied by the Princess (desperately avoiding his widowed wife and longing for the happy land of Bhong), Sophie, still under the social protection of Mrs. Raikes who clearly hasn't yet paid her dressmaker's bill, and Marjorie Joy in her London persona as Miss Montague. Barry's meddling produces problems as well as successes. about the affair to Marjorie Joy. He also has an interest in the influential society lady, Mrs. Quinton Raikes, recently legally decreed a widow following the disappearance of her husband in the Himalayas. Daly's Theatre, London, 18 January 1902 Daly's Theatre, New York, 22 September 1902 (112 perfs) Herald Square Theatre 29 May 1911 This was a benefit for the United States Olympic Fund. The Gala West Coast Premiere took place at the Stanley Warner Theatre, Wilshire Blvd. a grateful Geoffrey. It starred Hayden Coffin, Bertram Wallis, Evie Greene, Huntley Wright, Lilian Eldeé, Topsy Sinden, Ethyl Irving and Rutland Barrington. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today. Filmed between February and April 1954, the film had its benefit world premiere at Criterion Theatre, New York on December 15, 1954. Sophie who has seen through his disguise and is determined to give From The Virgin Suicides to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. B., and I thought when I got on board", No. Additional lyrics by Percy Greenbank. 27 - Rajah & Chorus - "When I've quitted my wfe for a bachelor life in a pastoral Eastern dominion", No. kind towards the influential society lady, Mrs Quinton Raikes, recently Washed up singer/actor Frank Elgin has a chance to make a come-back when director Bernie Dodd offers him the leading role in his new musical. was to escape his wife that he went off to the Himalayas. 1 - Chorus & Mummery - "When the birds begin to sing, out we go a-harvestin. The film is referenced by name in the TV series I Love Lucy in the episode "L.A., At Last" by William Holden who guest starred in the episode. The country woman listed on this page represent different styles of Western and Country Music. Music by Lionel Monckton. an old acquaintance from the days when he was an Englishman. the village, and the Veritys are well installed at the manor. An emotionally remote recovering alcoholic and his dowdy, unambitious wife face a personal crisis when they take in an attractive lodger. 25 - Marjorie, Nan, Sophie, Rajah, Douglas & Grassmere - "When rushing round the whirl of parties", No. Rajah, it appears, was once the husband of Mrs Quinton Raikes. The Country Girl is a 1954 American B&W drama musical film directed by George Seaton and starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and William Holden. Title: 18 - Marjorie - "An actress smiles and an actress sighs, an actress hopes and fears or cries", No. I think it was asking a lot of any performer, no matter how great, to make this Oklahoma rip-off a hit, but Dodd thinks Frank is his man. That's so, little girls, that's so", No. 7 - Chorus & Scene - Rajah & Princess - "Here he comes, here he comes! Was this review helpful to you? And he has even more pressing intentions of a different 26 - Geoffrey, with Marjorie - "Dear little maid, I can recall her clearly", No. In one flashback, we're allowed to see her as she was. This is met with strong opposition from Cook, the show's producer. All pair off happily. to the 'lady' that Barry is obliged to seek refuge in the arms of Additional songs by Paul Rubens. It's sure fire. In Colombia, mining engineer Rian Mitchell discovers Carrero, the lost emerald mine of the Conquistadors, but has to contend with notorious local bandit El Moro's gang and with coffee planter Catherine Knowland's love. (Music by Paul Rubens. And what was wrong with Frank being married to a beautiful woman? 14 - Sophie & Chorus - "I'm quite the most attractive of all the girls, they say", No. This list is very divers with young girls getting their first songs released til old woman that already made it dozens of years ago in the Music … his master's empty purse by selling off the worthless old tin mine also come back from London where, unbeknown to all at home, she A director hires an alcoholic has-been and strikes up a stormy relationship with the actor's wife, who he believes is the cause of all the man's problems. It At the opening of act one it is five years since Geoffrey left a musical play in two acts; libretto by James T Tanner. In this musical the wonderful words and folk-like tunes from Bob Dylan have become a ravishingly beautiful soundtrack. land of Bhong, Sophie, still under the social protection of Mrs country girl gets her simple country boy while the rest of the company Lyrics by Adrian Ross. From the Popular songs hitting the BillBoards to the golden oldies like June. Geoffrey, politely kissing her hand, declines the oriental Princess Mehelaneh, Chorus, "Molly the Marchioness" (Song and Chorus) Nan, Chorus, "The Arcadians" (Chorus and Scene) Chorus, "Two Little Chicks" (Duet) - Barry, Madame Sophie earn his son the votes he needs to win the election. A spoiled heiress must choose among three suitors: her jazz musician ex-husband, a stuffy businessman, and an undercover tabloid reporter. (Song) - Marjorie (Music by Paul Rubens. (1954). Together these groups represent all the the different country music styles, from traditional to rock and punk. fortune in an attempt to alleviate the local unemployment problem 23 - Finale Act II - "Yo-ho! She agrees that Madam Sophie should by reopening the tin mines which had once been the region's principal It was entered in the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.[2]. sweetheart. Crosby plays Frank Elgin, a former Broadway star who hit the skids after the death of his son ten years earlier. ", No. Most surprisingly, there is Barry, disguised as an old Certificate: Passed Girl From the North Country Review - Broadway musical Overstuffed, often hollow, and for all that, incontestably ravishing, Girl From the North Country, Conor McPherson’s Depression-era gloss on Bob Dylan’s back pages, makes its windblown way to Broadway. Director Bernie Dodd (William Holden) watches a number performed by fading star Frank Elgin (Bing Crosby) and suggests that he be cast in the leading role. ", No. Song list and links to lyrics, Midi files and cast list, Information about the Broadway production, List of longest running plays in London and New York, A Country Girl plot summary & character descriptions,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Indian Attendants - Miss Mary Collette and Miss May Snowdon, No. Additional songs by Paul Rubens. to replenish his funds. Never did anyone look so funny! ), "Under the Deodar" (Song) Princess Mehelaneh, "Hurrah for the Squire" (Finale) Principals, Chorus, "Take Your Pretty Partner (to the Ball)" (Sextette) Act 1: A Devonshire Landscape. 29 - Nan - "Down along the valley by the willows and the stream", No. Favorite Best Picture Music Oscar Nominee? Amusing complications ensue, including Sir Joseph's attempts to flirt with the disguised Barry, who seeks refuge in the arms of the surprised Rajah. Barry has been having a fine time whipping up support for Geoffrey's They are grateful for the opportunity, though not entirely certain Frank can handle the work. 26 of 28 people found this review helpful. I'll go out on a limb and say that as much as I loved Judy in "A Star is Born," Georgie Elgin was a real stretch for Kelly.Beautifully directed by Seaton, "The Country Girl" has a real feel of the theater, of internal fights between producer and director, of dressing rooms and hotels on the road.An excellent movie all around. It is the homecoming season in Devonshire, for Marjorie joy has You're a very curious girl! She has insisted on being brought to Britain to be presented at the local Emperor's court before her marriage to the Rajah, and he is strangely anxious to get their business over and leave the country again.

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