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[15][16] The jury awarded a Special Mention for its "unconventional style and provocative look at the media revolution taking place in the world. We have created a browser extension. Whoa thanks! ", Content producers should take advantage of P2P, not fear it, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License,, Creative Commons-licensed documentary films, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Articles with dead external links from May 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The League of Noble Peers (represented by a "Vague Blur"), This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 08:05. [2], On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 51% based on 43 reviews, and an average rating of 4.7/10. Evidence is presented of pressure applied through Swedish courts on Swedish police to conducting a search and seizure against The Pirate Bay to disrupt its BitTorrent tracker service, in contravention of Swedish law. This produced millions of downloads for the film[citation needed] and catapulted it to wide recognition on the Internet after it hit Digg, Slashdot, Reddit and other online centres of attention. Our project is divided into the three same categories Hoffman's book was. [36] The filmmakers report that roughly one in a thousand viewers are donating, mostly USD $15–40. [28] The seminar initiators' solution was to add a black sticker dot over the logo, which was easily peeled off. Unfortunately, it was taken down at the end of 2011. Adding to this the internet turns consumers into producers, by way of user generated content, leading to the sharing, mashup and creation of content not motivated by financial gains. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! A cam version leaked soon after the premiere of Steal This Film (Part 2) in Berlin. [30] Pirate Bay encouraged the downloading of Steal This Film Two, announcing its release on its blog. Steal This Wiki used to be located at Both Part One and Part Two are in English, mostly, with the former having some Swedish dialogue subtitled in English. [citation needed]. Part One, shot in Sweden and released in August 2006, combines accounts from prominent players in the Swedish piracy culture (The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån, and the Pirate Party) with found material, propaganda-like slogans and Vox Pops. Steal This Film One and Two are credited as 'conceived, directed, and produced' by The League of Noble Peers. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. The film follows Hoffman's (D'Onofrio) relationship with his second wife Anita (Garofalo) and their "awakening" and subsequent conversion to an activist life. It premiered (in a preliminary version) at a conference entitled "The Oil of the 21st Century – Perspectives on Intellectual Property" in Berlin, Germany, November 2007.[10]. [27] Despite the principles of the seminar itself (organised via public wiki in a year-long process), the involvement of Piratbyran roused the funders of the seminar, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, to prohibit Piratbyran's logo on the seminar marketing materials alongside its own. The film[3] is notable for its critical analysis of an alleged regulatory capture[4] attempt performed by the Hollywood film lobby to leverage economic sanctions by the United States government on Sweden through the WTO. Throughout the wiki, you may find some typos or sentences that are out of place. Estimates of the total current downloads of the film hover at around the 6 million mark via bittorrent alone. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. You can also help by getting the word out. As well as funding from BRITDOC, the Steal This Film producers continues to use a loose version of the Street Performer Protocol[citation needed], collecting voluntary donations via a PayPal account, from the website. Two parts, and one special The Pirate Bay trial edition of the first part, have been released so far, and The League of Noble Peers is working on "Steal this Film – The Movie" and a new project entitled "The Oil of the 21st Century".[2]. With Vincent D'Onofrio, Janeane Garofalo, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kevin Pollak. The argument is made that the decentralised nature of the internet makes the enforcement of conventional copyright impossible. Part 2 draws parallels between the impact of the printing press and the internet in terms of making information accessible beyond a privileged group or "controllers". We look forward to seeing what you can contribute to the project. Other critics disliked the film's editing, which frequently relied upon the use of documentary footage, voiceovers, and subtitles to help advance the plot. [citation needed], The film is taught in Universities on media courses worldwide, including New York University's Media Culture & Communication course.[25]. [32] The documentary can also be downloaded on the official Steal This Film website.[33]. Just take a quick look at our guidelines and then jump in editing and expanding. However, nearly all film reviewers agreed that the strong acting performance of Vincent D'Onofrio as Hoffman overcame the film's otherwise minor flaws and modest budget. You can browse the always-improving wiki online or download it in book format to your computer and print and bind a hard copy. Be sure to keep up with all the latest edits and changes on the Recent Changes page where contributors communicate and you can see what we are working on. In September 2000, America Hoffman, son of Abbie and Anita, filed suit against Lions Gate Films in an attempt to block further distribution of the film, accusing the filmmakers of invasion of privacy and presenting an "unauthorized, false and uncomplimentary portrayal" of him as a child. Steal This Wiki used to be located at [citation needed] Part One was released through an arrangement with The Pirate Bay; the filesharing site marketed Steal This Film in place of its own pirate ship logo. "Hoffman's Son Settles Movie Suit" - Associated Press, January 9, 2001, To America with Love: Letters From the Underground, William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe, Movie & TV News @ - Studio Briefing - 4 September 2000, 1968 Democratic National Convention protests, National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State. In the suit, America protested his portrayal in the film as "a wimpy, quiet, sulking and effeminate 'mama's boy,'" and accused filmmakers of implying America "may be a homosexual. [34] For future financing, director Jamie King (producer) has written that he and the League of Noble Peers propose, a "post IP compensation system" which "allows viewers and listeners to make voluntary payments right from the client in which they play media."[35]. [5], The Guardian's James Flint called Part One "at heart a traditionally structured 'talking heads' documentary" with "amusing stylings" from film-makers who "practice what they preach. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Mobile solar power is now much more cheap, easy and reliable than it was during the time this last edit was made. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property directed by Jamie King, produced by The League of Noble Peers and released via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol. [26] Part 2 had its theatrical (rather than viewed online) premiere at the openly organised Who Makes And Owns Your Work artistic seminar in Stockholm 2007. The documentary asks "How will society change" and states "This is the Future – And it has nothing to do with your bank balance". Va ser dirigida per Robert Greenwald i el guió va ser escrit per Bruce Graham. You can tell others about the site, email out copies of the book, make it available for download in new places, give print copies to friends or others, leave them in libraries, or quote material in new work. The League of Noble Peers asked for donations and more than US$30,000 has been received as of 5 July 2009. Steal This Film – Trial Edition (Full Documentary), Steal This Film: Things You Can Help With, "Documentary Film Video: Listing for Steal This Film", Steal This Movie: documentary on Swedish piracy movement, "Britdoc 07 Talking Sessions: Steal This Film", "Don’t steal this article – but please do discuss it", "Steal This Film, Part II: the Internet makes us into copiers", "New Steal This Film Documentary Just in Time For Pirate Bay Trial", RomaFictionFest: il programma di oggi, mercoledì 8 luglio 8, SPE – RomaFictionFest: edizione da record, sfiorate 43mila presenze, Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival 2007 Film Schedule, New York University, Media Culture & Communication 2008, Gesamtkunstwerk: Who Makes and Owns Your Work launching at Årsta, Sat 17th November, "The Future Doesn't Care About The Bank Balance but the 1/1000 do! But there is still lots of work to do! Right here is the link to the dropbox, and here is a simple guide to making sure the page conforms to guidelines. [20] Other festivals at which it was shown included Tampere Film Festival, 2008,[21] Salt Spring Film Festival 2007,[22] Rhythm of the Line Festival 2007[23] and Kerala International Film Festival, India. March 4, 2000 (United States) August 18, 2000 June 28, 2002 (Spain) Steal This Movie! is a 2000 American biographical film. "[6] It also screened at the British Film Institute and numerous independent international events, and was a talking point in 2007's British Documentary Film Festival. Directed by Robert Greenwald. Thanks for visiting Steal This Wiki, a collaborative update and rewrite of the great and infamous Abbie Hoffman's seminal work, Steal This Book. Due to great interest in the documentary by volunteer translators, Part Two has subtitles in Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. This has fundamental implications for market-based media companies. "[5] America later dropped the suit and retracted his claims against the filmmakers, stating "I understand that the filmmaker's characterization of me and my relationship to my father was made in good faith and with honorable intentions."[6][7]. The use of these short clips is believed to constitute fair use. Steal this Wiki dispels the bull shit and gives you the real low down on basic, "reality" on the street drug knowledge, growing your own pot, brewing your own beer, the straight talk about the lesser known things people use to get high, and even what to do if faced with CorpGov's weapon of choice - the Drug Test!

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