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Mastering numbers in another language is much more than learning to count, but counting is a good place to start. Have the students play the game saying each number that they place on the deck out loud. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. Play the numbers from 1-12 game, to begin your Spanish studies, then play the 13-20 game which also includes 1-12 and provides the additional numbers to 20. For example, if a student is asking for a three, she should say, "Tienes tres?" I recommend exposing your kiddos to a nice dose of vitamin D if the weather is nice by bringing them outside for this activity. © 2020 Spanish Playground All Rights Reserved Call out series of numbers and students put their cards in the order they hear. A quick internet search for “Spanish number games” will result in tons of fun games for your students to play at home, or for you to play together as a class. Doing so should help them realize how often they need digits every day. google_ad_client = "pub-0324009964074724"; Students read the problem aloud and solve it to put their marker in the space. Make sure they say the sentence every time they roll! Do this activity counting up to the number of students in the circle and then go backwards. Feed the monster – Put a monster face on a box or make one out of a plastic cup like my monsters below. This game is useful in more ways than one, as it also tests your students’ Spanish listening abilities. Click here to get a copy. There are many printable games for preschoolers online. The system is rigged, I cant type an accented e on a chromebook. I messed up on spelling 16 cause i forgot to put the line on the letter "E" for 16. Make a positive impact? Nothing drives learning like some good ol’ fashioned competition, right? Choose games that would be easy for your students to play in English, so they can focus on absorbing language. Spanish number games are a fun and effective way to learn important vocabulary. The game is timed and the clock starts when you enter the play screen. They add that number to the previous number and toss the ball to someone else. Food and drinks in Spanish game - some of the most useful common food vocabulary with Castilian audio in a simple and colorful Spanish game designed for kids or school students and children. No tengo una carta verde, No tengo un dos. The BBC also has a useful site with games for learning Spanish numbers. 1 to 10 in Spanish. The next child starts over with 1. List of words with Castilian audio and quiz. W Here are the numbers in Spanish from 1-10: 1 – uno 2 – dos 3 – tres 4 – cuatro 5 – cinco 6 – seis 7 – siete 8 – ocho 9 – nueve 10 – diez. google_ad_height = 60; All Spanish language learninggames are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for kids and students of different ages. For those progressing beyond the beginner-level learning materials on this introduction to the Spanish language page. Students race to be the first to circle the number. Match the written or spoken Spanish word with the corresponding English word. String beads on pipe cleaners – Mark pipe cleaners with numbers on sticky notes. Note, the number of times a digit appears on my boards is based on the odds of rolling that number. These preschool Spanish activities include counting games and also number recognition activities. Then, give one student a ball and ask them to say their number. Spanish spelling games - this section currently offers five games for spelling Spanish words; colors, verbs (infinitive form), animals and two vocabulary games. Free resources to help you enjoy learning Spanish quickly. can take anywhere. Whether students use Spanish words for "reverse," "draw," "skip" and "wild" is up to the discretion of the teacher. Traveling in Spanish speaking countries will be made much easier if you can understand a calendar, or read a bus timetable! When the music stops, the teacher calls out a number and students run to form groups of that number. 30 minutes ago after 7 minutes of playing. Q Maintain flexible hours? If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach Spanish with real-world videos. There are many free bingo card sets online and tools for making and printing your own. Students catch it and look at the number their thumb is touching. Online Spanish learning games include: Numbers in Spanish game - quizzes with audio to learn count in Spanish. See disclaimer. Trust me, as someone who has worked as both a nanny and a teacher for many years, I know that if a kid is interested in the subject they’re learning — or at least the way in which they’re learning it — they’re much more likely to absorb new information. Whether you see it as family fun or a fight initiator, Uno has put the Spanish word for “one” in the vocabularies of people everywhere. Vocabulary builders (for PCs and tablets) - as you begin to acquire more Spanish vocabulary, these two Spanish games each offer 48 additional words. Vocabulary lists include audio. These classic games use numbers and can be played in any language. Your students may wonder this, and the most vocal students may stand up and ask you upfront. Choose a student to draw and call out letters and numbers in Spanish, and encourage students to pay close attention to the game by offering the winner of each round a chance to draw and call numbers during the next round. We also have another game about Large numbers in Spanish. Divide the class into teams and call out a number. This video is a great way to let kids hear the numbers 1-20 in Spanish and count along. Given that Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States, it's a natural choice for games that help students start learning another language. This is a traditional game in Latin America called Pares y Nones. Full list of teacher resources here. Guess the number – Replace the faces in Guess Who with numbers. Instructions for Numbers in Spanish. Learn the sorts of general vocabulary you will need for understanding general newspaper articles or Spanish fairytale stories. Some of these sites even allow teachers to sign up for a class account where students can compete with each other online for top scores. Exercises and quizzes on the this Spanish learning pageare of most use to beginner or lower intermediate level students or travelers, and those with some level of Spanish language proficiency may like to play the Spanish spelling games. In the screen above, choose between four different game options to help learn how to count, say, and spell out the words for different number in Spanish. Knowing how to count, and just knowing the names of numbers in general, is of paramount importance to language acquisition. Sticky-note search – Write numbers on sticky notes and hide them around the room. H Do you have favorite Spanish number games? 38 minutes ago after 42 seconds of playing. The Spanish audio is switched off but you can switch it on by clicking the brown telephone button. Z, Click the button above to email your quiz results to any email address (Example: your teacher). Y Roll to 100 (or to 50) – Whether you call it Race to 100 or Roll to 100, it’s an excellent way to practice numbers in Spanish. Use any hundreds chart as a game board. But that's still kind of a good thing. You might want to try our other game using only Numbers from 1-100. Arithmetic games in which you add the Spanish words for numbers together to choose the correct answer. Words, colors and numbers games - after learning basic vocabulary and the numbers as featured in other Spanish games offered on this site, you may wish to try this beginners' grammar game, which is an introduction to sentence structure and word order, and the use of adjectives in Spanish. One way to do so is to simply kick off class by asking your students to say the date in Spanish or to ask similar simple questions for which the answers are numbers. If he does not have it, he should say, "No tengo tres.". We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. An engaging and quirky Spanish game that serves as an easy introduction to Spanish grammar. Simply drag the Spanish word to the matching English and image. That student should pass the ball to someone else who will say, "Dos." It can provide oodles of fun for families and friends or, on the flip-side, hours of arguing over what kind of rules to use. For information on Spanish linguistics, the history and origins of the language, and the countries in the world where Spanish is spoken visit the Spanish linguistic information page. Try the multiple-choice Spanish colors game or one of the super-fun kid-friendly Spanish spelling games . © 2020 Enux Education Limited. F To play Bingo, first print out scorecards. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our first, second, fourth or tenth language. Upper Elementary Snapshots has a list of 10 Math Games to Play with Dominoes. Stephanie Parker holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education, and a Master's of Education in library science. This really helps me learn and accomplish things like the #'s 1-100, The games helped me memorize the numbers so well, that I can't even get them out of my head now. (Download). Multiplication grid – I love this multiplication grid game from Teach Beside Me. Advanced Spanish games: five intermediate to advanced level vocabulary practice games. Therefore, try to have your students practice numbers frequently. On some levels you are supposed to choose the correct spelling and on others you should type the number yourself. Tic-tac-toe – Put math problems in the spaces. 25 Spanish Number Games You Can Play Tomorrow, 5 Spanish counting songs for preschoolers, board games to practice number recognition, printable counting cards from Powerful Mothering, missing number activities like these from K5 Math, Download 2 of my Spanish Four in a Row addition games here, multiplication grid game from Teach Beside Me. No, not the farmer’s dog, Bingo, but rather the game often thought of as the hobby of the elderly. The first player to reach 100 wins. D Play the numbers from 1-12 game, to begin your Spanish studies, then play the 13-20 game which also includes 1-12 and provides the additional numbers to 20. There are also printable board games to practice number recognition like this one from Life Over C’s. For learning a few more Spanish numbers visit the learn Spanish numbers page. If you come to this site with a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to this page. On some levels you are supposed to choose the correct spelling and on others you should type the number yourself. Uno is a classic and beloved card game around the world. Find 5 Spanish counting songs for preschoolers here. Practice reading and writing of numbers from 0 to 100 in Spanish. Once a student says they have Bingo, it’s time to put him or her in the dreaded spotlight. Other than that, I like this program. E 24 minutes ago after 6 seconds of playing. The first one to add the two numbers keeps the cards. Continue until the students reach "Diez." You may understandably feel a bit skeptical about my next suggestion, to have your students play games online. Kids count and write in the missing number to complete the sequence. Rules. They’ll need to use numbers when ordering at restaurants, checking out a museum’s hours of operation, buying stuff at the store or writing down the phone number of the hot foreigner they want to take on a date.

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