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Inside, Progressive Field opens up northward to a view of downtown Cleveland, though a massive scoreboard—currently the majors’ largest, at 13,000 square feet—perched behind the single-decked, left-field bleachers does provide a bit of blockage. This is a great place to take the kids that get restless at the game. The park also added the "Frozen Diamond", an ice rink covering the infield. The kids also can partake in baseball activities as they have fields where they can practice. By 1970, it was down to 750,000—and then it went down by another third over the next 20 years, to 500,000. Interesting enough, Hafner hit most of his home runs on the road during his prime. The Kid's Clubhouse was made two stories, and adults are now able to view the game from the clubhouse. Cleveland Indians MLB 3D BRXLZ Stadium - Progressive Field. The Indians became a joke, much of it self-inflicted. Overall, attendance didn’t just edge downward, it plummeted—from 3.1 million in 2001 to 1.7 million just two years later. The Indians have hosted games of the American League Championship Series in five seasons and have advanced to the World Series three times at the park. Here are our favorites. The 1994 Season was the inaugural season for Progressive Field, previously known as Jacobs Field of “The Jake”. [6], An open house was held April 1, 1994, and the following day, an exhibition game was held against the Pittsburgh Pirates. A two-year, $77 million effort to reduce capacity, increase demand and liven up the joint was initiated to bring more energy—and fans—back to the ballpark. Progressive Field set a new MLB record between June 12, 1995 and April 4, 2001 in selling out 455 straight games. Most of the 10,000 seats removed during Progressive Field’s renovation in the mid-2010s occurred above the right-field bleachers, in favor of vacuous patio areas that come off looking like shipping containers. The polls, the ticketholders, and the team are all saying the same thing: That life is pleasant at the palace that both saved and rejuvenated Cleveland baseball. On April 4, 1994, the Indians played their first game at the new stadium. No and no. [27] The record for the largest attendance at Progressive Field was set in Game 3 of the 1997 ALDS when 45,274 people attended the game. memorable Indians moments, and a memorial plaque for Ray Chapman that was originally installed in League Park. Standing at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario where the venue’s front gate would soon look over, Spear glanced around and quickly noticed all the bridges spanning over the Cuyahoga, which snaked to the west of downtown. (Flickr—Erik Drost). He even convinced the city and county that a sin tax on alcohol and tobacco—which his son had proposed as the Hexagon’s method of financing—would be the way to go. The agreement with the Gateway Economic Development Corp. also gives the team four five-year renewal options after 2023. The Indians were on their way to making the postseason for the first time in 40 years and shattering the franchise’s season attendance mark (on pace for over three million) in 1994, but the parade was heavily rained upon by big league owners who insisted on a salary cap—and a players’ union that angrily refused, leading to baseball’s most catastrophic work stoppage. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. When the 2007 team gave Cleveland its first divisional title in six years—coming within one win of an AL pennant—only 2.2 million fans, good for 21st out of 30 MLB teams, showed up. The Progressive Field capacity has changed several times over the year as the Cleveland Indians organization has tinkered with adding and subtracting seats to fit input from their fans. A beautiful brick arrangement with various bricks that fans can purchase. There was one thing Jacobs didn’t want in a new home for the Indians: A co-tenant. Belle was suspended seven games; Grimsley didn’t publicly confess to his stunt until four years later. You can take advantage of relatively cheap standing room-only tickets and spend the entire game here. Pro baseball has saturated the Cleveland market; perhaps it’s encouraging would-be Progressive Field spectators to go someplace where they experience admittedly inferior baseball, but at admittedly cheaper prices for tickets, parking and food. Progressive Field’s steep left-field bleachers, reminiscent of Chicago’s Wrigley Field, elevate from behind a 19-foot wall that some compare to Boston’s Green Monster at Fenway Park. And that brings us back to the smiles. Neighboring Quicken Loans Arena, home of basketball’s Cavaliers and built at the same time as Progressive Field, has much of the ballpark’s same exterior characteristics, per an agreement between the city, Progressive Field architect HOK Sport, and arena designer Ellerbe Becket. The video board measures convert|36|ft|m high by convert|149|ft|m wide. Adjacent to The Corner, behind the right-field bleachers, is the Neighborhoods—a wonderful touch of local food flavor in which Cleveland-area restaurants are allowed to offer some of their best sellers. Center field is at 410 ft. which makes it slightly longer than the average MLB center field. They were spooked when one of Jacobs’ first acts as owner was to ditch the “C” on the caps in favor of the nostalgic (and increasingly controversial) Chief Wahoo icon, shedding any city identification. During that inaugural and strike-shortened 1994 season, the Indians finished 35–16 at home, which included an 18-game home winning streak. with the replacement sign installed on March 25, 2008. Built within the physical boundaries of three main streets in downtown Cleveland (Ontario to the west, Carnegie to the south, and E. 9th Street to the east), Progressive Field offers a fan-friendly facility featuring an intimate environment. The spunky home of the Indians invites fans to behold a downtown skyline that exhibits more pride, even if the venue doesn’t wholly integrate within it. In 1995, the Indians won 100 games with just 44 losses in a strike-shortened campaign, taking their first American League pennant since 1954 before losing the World Series in six games to Atlanta. [40][41] The center and right field walls are 9 feet (3 m) high. And it s about time. Why have the Indians, who once could sell out The Jake day in and day out with ease, been constantly unable to fill the joint since? [cite news |last=Gomez |first=Henry J. Progressive Field (formerly known as Jacobs Field) opened up on April 2, 1994. So what gives? Voted as one of the best baseball stadiums in the world, this ballpark is a great place to watch a game and has been loved by fans since its opening in 1994. The Indians maintain an herb and vegetable garden in the players’ parking lot, food ultimately used as part of the clubhouse buffet. The ballpark was sited to give a favorable view of Cleveland's downtown skyline. The previous name came from team owners Richard and David Jacobs, who had acquired naming rights when the facility opened. The Kid’s Clubhouse is split up between the Rookie Suite (6 and under) and Slugger’s Sandlot (6 and up). [cite news |title=Indians' record-setting sellout streak over |url= |work=USA Today |date=2005-04-05 |accessdate=2008-05-26 ] Demand for tickets was so great that all 81 home games were sold out before opening day on three separate occasions. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. These standing areas are not only unattractive on the outside, but they’re not all that engaging when you’re within one; they’re just vacant, concrete patios with nothing more than a trash can. [17][3], During the eighth inning of Game 2 of the 2007 American League Division Series against the New York Yankees on October 5, a swarm of insects believed to be midges from Lake Erie, enveloped the playing field, severely distracting Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain, which caused him to walk outfielder Grady Sizemore, who later scored the tying run on a wild pitch.

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