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Since the first draft of the current local plan was launched, aspiring to build 6,621 new homes, speculative planning has already seen the construction of 975 new homes and secured consent for a further 3,882 homes across North East Derbyshire. Telephone 01246 231111 Planning Policy and Local Plan - North East Derbyshire District Council The Liberal Democrats are concerned by NEDDC’s identification of “Level 2: Settlements with Good Sustainability” which they have targeted to accommodate the majority of non-strategic housing development. Written comments re Harlow & Gilston Garden Town. This site uses cookies. We recommend that you consult their privacy policies to understand what information these sites collect about you. This increases pressures in the NHS, with GPs having to travel further afield to make home visits and creates difficulties for vulnerable and ill residents. The Liberal Democrats are also concerned by the apparent lack of consideration given to providing sustainable, well-paid, employment in the District. Our unredacted response is given below: To quote the government’s own guidance: NEDDC Draft Timetable -minus policies August 18, NEDDC Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions August 18, NEDDC Compliance Statement – Final March 18, DRAFT full parish council minutes (remote) 6th October 2020 (PSAR compliant), OCTOBER (REMOTE) PC MEETING AGENDA 2020 (PSAR compliant), Press release Climate Change Action Strategy, Site Design & Hosting by Inovix Network Solutions. This letter is a representation to the North East Derbyshire Local Plan which is submitted on behalf of my client, Stretton Parish Council. Consultation ED33-ED35. A series of public hearings conducted by the Planning Inspector will take place during the Examination of the Local Plan. August 1, 2018 Comments are off. Further details are in our Privacy Policy at These cookies are essential as they allow you to navigate around the website and use its features (e.g. Telephone 01246 231111 Local Plan 2014-2034 - … Eckington Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre, ED01 Notification to Regulation 19 representors of appointment of Inspector (, ED02 Letter from Inspector to Council 26718 (, ED03 Council's letter to Inspector in reply to ED2 3 08 18 (, ED05 Schedule of Main Issues Raised in Representations & Council's Initial Response - Chapters 1 - 10 (, ED06A Council Response to Specific Suggestions for Change - Part 1; Chapter 1 - 3 (, ED06B Council Response to Specific Suggestions for Change - Part 2; Chapter 4 (, ED06CCouncil Response to Specific Suggestions for Change - Part 3; Chapter 5 (, ED06D Council Response to Specific Suggestions for Change - Part 4; Chapter 6 - 10 (, ED07 Council’s Response to Specific Suggestions for Change - Edited (, ED09 Notification of Hearing sessions to reg 19 representors (, ED10 NEDDC Draft Timetable 29818 minus policies (, ED11 Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions 28818 (, ED13 NED Letter to Insp MM request 30 08 18 (, ED16 - SoCG - M1 J30 - Highways Eng, BDC, CBC & DCC - Redacted (, ED17 - SoCG - Coalite - BDC, CBC & Marcol - Redacted (, ED19 Note on Recent Housing Data Release on OAN - Iceni Oct 2018 (, ED20 Chesterfield Canal - Updated Killamarsh Boundary - Oct 2018 (, ED21--SOCG-CC1-Land-at-Stretton-Road-Clay-Cross (, ED22-SOCG-CC2-Land-North-of-Clay-Lane-Clay-Cross (, ED23--SoCG-CC3-Land-off-Holmgate-Clay-Cross (, ED24-SOCG-DR1-Land-off-Shakespeare-Crescent--Sheffield-road-Dronfield (, ED25-SOCG-DR2-Land-N-of-Eckington-road-Coal-Aston-Dronfield (, ED26-SoCG--DR3-and-at-Stubley-Drive-Stubley-Holllow-Dronfield (, ED28-SoCG-EC2-Land-at-Staveley-Lane-Eckington (, ED30--SOCG-H03-Land-to-South-of-205-Chesterfield-Road-Holmewood (, ED31-SOCG-HO2-Allotments-at-Hunloke-Road-Holmewood (, ED32--SoCG--HO4--Land-between-205-and-235-Chesterfield-Road-Holmewood (, ED33-SoCG-KL1--Land-at-Westthorpe-Killamarsh (, ED34-SoCG-KL2--Land-off-Rotheram-Road-Killamarsh (, ED35---SoCG-KL3--Land-off-Primrose-Road-Killamarsh (, ED36--SoCG-KL4--Land-at-28-Ashley-Lane-Killamarsh (, ED38--SOCG-PI1-Land-at-Hallgate-Lane-Pisley (, ED39--SOCG-SH1-Land-at-Hallfieldgate-Lane-Shirland (, ED41--SOCG-TU1-Land-at-Ankerbold-Road-Tupton (, ED42-SOCG--Land-to-rear-of-10-25-Ashover-Road-Old-Tupton (, ED43-SOCG-WW1-Hanging-Banks-Wingerworth (, ED44D Updated Addendum to GT Topic Paper (ED44a) (, ED44E Revised Appendix 4 to Updated Addendum to G&T Topic Paper ED44D (, ED45 Sutton Scarsdale - Settlement Hierarchy Study Update (, ED47 DLP Proximity to Public Transport re DR1 and DR2 (, ED48 DGBRG BUS SERVICES IN NE DERBYSHIRE (, ED49 DGBRG 161118 BUS SERVICES IN NE DERBYSHIRE (, ED50 Freeths Copy of 201718 Housing Completions Y (, ED51_Councils_Response_to_ED45_-_Sutton_Scarsdale_Services (, ED52_Councils_Response_to_ED49_-_Dronfield_Bus__Train_Times (, ED54__Local_Plan_Inquiry_Hearing_Matter_9 (, ED56 Statement by Mr Lee Rowley MP re Local Plan (, ED57A email from MrDavid Meechan re DR1 (, ED57B Council's Response to Mr Meechan's Email of 22 Nov 2018 (, ED58 Council's note on Impact of recent Appeal Decisions for Housing (, ED59 Inspector's Briefing Note Gypsy & Traveller Consultation (, ED61_Speed_readings_GT09_Temperance_Hill_Woolley_Moor (, ED62_Speed_readings_GT06_Greenway_Wingerworth (, ED63_SOCG_SH2_Land_North_of_Park_Lane_Shirland (, ED64-Examples-of-Employment-Conditions--Agreements-Matter-9-Hearing-Sessions (, ED65 NEDDC Inspector to Council 18 Feb 2019 (, ED66-week-1--of--Hearing-Sessions-follow-up-items-20219 (, ED67-Week-2-of-Hearing-Sessions-Follow-Up-Items (, ED68_Week_3_of__Hearing_Sessions_follow_up_items_20219 (, ED69--Examination-Consultation-Schedule-of-representations-by-question-final (, ED70-Examination-Consultation-Schedule-of-representations-by-respondent-final (, ED71-Consultation-Statement Gypsy and Traveller provision consultation (, ED71A-Consultation-Statement-Appendix Gypsy and Traveller provision consultation (, ED72A-Planning-permissions-existing-traveller-sites (, ED72B--Plan-of-Planning-PermissionsSDarkLane--Calow (, ED73--Mr--Mrs-Hinchcliffe-ID9599--Map-of-view-points-in-representation-on-Temperance-Hill-Wooley-Moor-proposed-G--T-Site (, ED74-Ms-Glynis-McLaughlin-photos-Dark-Lane-Calow (, ED75__Inspectors_letter_r_to_Council_21319_Traveller_Provision (, ED76_NED_Letter_to_Insp_Response_to_Interim_Findings_27_March_2019_Final (, ED77 email from Derbyshire CC on A61A617 Link Road 4319 pdf (, ED78 Inspector's letter to North East Derbyshire Council 9419 (, ED79_Inspectors_Note_on_Site_DR1__12419 (, ED80A--Letter-to-Inspector-from-Mr-Lee-Rowley-MP-NEDDC-Lee-Rowley-8419 (, ED80B--Letter-from-Inspector-to-Mr--Lee-Rowley-MP-1519 (, ED81--Richborough-Estates-letter-to-NEDDC-Planning-Inspector-18042019-REDACTED (, ED81A--Richborough-Estates---Counsel-Opinion---Land-North-of-Eckington-Road-DR2-with-appended-DLP-submission (, ED81B--DLP-letter-to-NEDDC-of-06-March-REDACTED (, ED81C---DLP-letter-to-NEDDC-of-06-March---Appended-case-law (, ED82_Inspector reply to Richborough_Estates_030519 (, ED85_Council_letter_to_Inspector_redacted_-_12_July_2019 (, ED90 Inspector's Letter to NEDDC 12.03.20 (, ED91 Inspector's Letter to NEDDC 30.3.20 (, ED93 Examination Update from Inspector 22.5.20 (002) (, ED94 Targeted Consultation Email 2 June 2020 FINAL (, ED95 Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement adoption, inc appendices (, ED98 Rolling Five Year Supply Table Aril 2019 (, ED99 Local Plan Housing Trajectory April 2019 (, EDa100 Inspector to Council July 2020 Household Projections Final (, EDa101 Council's response to the Inspector's letter on Household Projecti... (, EDa101A report on the ONS 2018 based household projections (, EDa102 Inspector to Council in reply to ED101 (20.8.20) (, EDa103 Council's response to the Inspector's letter on UCO (ED102)3.9.20 (. The majority of employment provision within North East Derbyshire is typically low paid, with most residents commuting to neighbouring local authority areas: Chesterfield, Amber Valley and Derbyshire Dales; and nearby cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, Derby and Nottingham. North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC). The main menu is currently hidden off screen. Facebook and other platforms may also capture more information about you, such as your IP address. This Facebook Page is managed by the Liberal Democrats and we are joint Data Controllers along with Fasthosts. Show Menu. Actions requested by the Inspector during the hearing sessions for the Council. Liberal Democrat Response to NEDDC Local Plan, You may opt out of some or all contacts or exercise your other legal rights by contacting us. A list of examination documents for the Local Plan Examination. We use cookies to improve user experience. This should help to address those wards in the District which are most impacted by unemployment – Grassmoor, Holmewood and Heath, and Clay Cross South; all of which are within easy commuting distance of Clay Cross; and all of which have public transport routes which would avoid additional pressure on the A61. We use these to help you share articles or issues important to you with your friends, through Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Some contacts may be automated. Examination Briefing Note August 18. Continued development along this route would be negligent to the long-term sustainability of the District. Click on our privacy policy to find out more. NEDDC Local Plan. However, the pressures already placed on the A61, the erosion of the settlement boundaries between Wingerworth, Tupton, Grassmoor, Clay Cross, Stretton, Mickley, Higham and Shirland in the south of the District and the lack of adequate existing infrastructure available in all of these residential areas means that further development would be better focused along the A632 and towards the border with Bolsover District Council, within easy access of the M1. EFDC Homework Tracker updated 03/01/2020 (pdf 138KB) Documents submitted during the independent Examination of the Local Plan. North Derbyshire Liberal Democrats have today submitted their response to North East Derbyshire District Council’s final draft of their Local Plan, due to be submitted to the Secretary of State for CLG for independent examination during May 2018. For example, if you click like on one of the Facebook pages linked to our site, you will be transferred to Facebook and this information will be posted on your profile page if you are logged in. We will not collect or process any data from this page without your consent. The local plan rejects the idea of building in the countryside and the Liberal Democrats are also of the opinion that Green Belt and, just as importantly for the long-term well-being of communities, Green Field sites should only be considered as options of last resort. We believe that this allocation should be counted within the final draft of the plan, thereby reducing the number of additional homes required to just 1,764. logging in to the members area). Comments are off, January 1, 2018 Hearing Sessions Actions. Our own research identifies that the following “Level 2” settlements have already reached the point where they should be considered as unsustainable and where further development should not be considered owing to already inadequate amenities and infrastructure: It is a major weakness across the District, from the perspective of infrastructure, security and transport, that the overwhelming majority of the current population is focussed around the A61 corridor. Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council use cookies to improve your experience of our website. © 2020 Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council. Tweet; Welcome to our special webpage on the North East Derbyshire District Council's Local Plan. Comments are off. Comments are off, March 1, 2018 EFDC Examination documents 27 Jan 2020 (pdf 72KB) If you enter your details on this website, the Liberal Democrats, locally and nationally, may use information in it, including your political views, to further our objectives, share it with our elected representatives and/or contact you in future using any of the means provided. Beyond the strategic site at Biwater, we believe that all further proposed development in Clay Cross be focussed on business and job creation. Further details are in our, Lib Dems call on PM to sack Gavin Williamson for “slow-motion car crash” on exams, Lib Dems in North East Derbyshire slam Govt’s planning proposals, End of year report from the Lib Dem Chair of Tupton Parish Council, On 12th December vote for a brighter future, Lee Rowley’s record in North East Derbyshire, Disabled Facilities Grant legal charge ‘lacks compassion’ when families suffer a bereavement says Cllr Ross Shipman, Liberal Democrats launch Plan for a Brighter Future.

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