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The main reason is that the current “spectrum” was developed by Ethan Edwards and Nick Devin, the founders of Virtuous Pedophiles, and while they certainly have my respect on a number of levels, they did not consult people of varying beliefs when they created their version. It is here where the real work begins. Learn how your comment data is processed. The next person, and we will call him John, came to us in April, 2019 and shared his story. So, the goals of this relabeling project are to correct the misunderstandings that this false dichotomy has cause, to reduce the amount of conflict in and among the MAP community due to inaccurate and overly simplified labels, and to foster healthier discourse in the MAP community. It is likewise possible for people to act in particular ways that may be incongruent with their beliefs. All rights reserved. Before I get to the meat of this, I need to point something out. Anonymous users have even gone so far to create their own rainbow Pride 'flag' Some refuse to use labels because they believe there should be more unity in MAP communities and feel that labels are inherently divisive. Prostasia Foundation is a s.501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 82-4969920. We chose to let Betty back in because she was clearly in need of support. Betty would sometimes cross social boundaries in the chat by bringing up how sexually frustrated she felt and how she felt tortured by her feelings. Many people have come for recommendations on where to get professional help. Over two years ago, MAP Support Club had an individual join us, who I will call Betty. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Yet when I began reaching out to these very people to do this project, many of them apologized to me. Stories about pedophilia, written by pedophiles. I have rudely blocked many of them, slandered them, and both intentionally and unintentionally contributed to the stigma and hate that gets thrown their direction. I will continue advocating for support, because I have seen that support is what works to help people with their struggles. Your email address will not be published. I had the duty to report the situation to our administrators, Ender Wiggin and OliverViking (both pseudonyms). Betty was only 14 years old at the time, and many of us feared the worst. MAP Support Club was renamed at the end of 2019 and found a home on Rocket.Chat, and since November, 2019, MAP Support Club staff have been in talks with Prostasia Foundation about a public partnership, which is the first such public and formal collaboration in history between a child protection charity and a chat-based support community for minor attracted people. Close. That is what MAP Support Club tries to do. These are moral beliefs, not […], […] or “Buddhist” or “Islamic” or “Jewish” etc. Prostasia Foundation is helping us develop the technology to scan member’s direct messages for TOS violations and to better keep its minor members safe, and we overhauled a policy from Ender’s time as administrator around who we do and do not allow. Before 2012, the only way that people with sexual attraction towards minors (MAPs) became visible was if they entered the criminal justice or child welfare systems. If there were attempts to have the chat shut down, or to breach the anonymity of its members, those attempts would now have to come through Prostasia. Minor-attracted person (MAP) is an umbrella term for people with any condition that means they are sexually attracted to minors (those below the age of consent), including: Look up nepiophilia, infantophilia, paedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia, MAP, or NOMAP in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Betty came to us again because she was struggling with what some would call an overactive sex drive or hypersexuality. To learn more about MAP Support Club and its partnership with Prostasia Foundation, attend our next webinar on May 9. Many of these minor attracted people are children themselves. We see examples of this in many places. It’s not pedophilia anymore, it’s being a ‘minor-attracted person’. What they do believe is that society and law should change in a variety of ways (often specific to their jurisdiction) around things like age of consent and other topics, and there is a high degree of nuance to that. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. As individual people in the MAP community, you can of course do whatever you like. In other words, some might think the age of consent should be changed to 14 when in their jurisdiction, 14 year old teenagers have other rights at 14, or they simply believe society should be consistent in how it treats people with regard to age restrictions. At the time, though, there was one unaddressed need: What about people age 13-17 who need support? Betty spoke with many of the staff and members of the community. We eventually figured out who this person was, reported them directly to the authorities in their country, and banned them from our community. There were others who contributed ideas as well, but were indifferent or against being named. Beliefs around friendships with kids and how much that applies to the non-sexual contact a minor attracted person has with children. But when people disappear for long stretches, with no way to check in on them and no way to know if they are alive, that can be very hard on staff. Unsubscribe Description. It is like the internet equivalent of an in-person peer support system, and it can even give minor-attracted people the capability of talking to professionals. I personally think it is possible to accept someone as a person, warts and all, and disagree vehemently with what they believe. Index Of Stories – Timothy N. Fury's Stories, Correcting Propaganda About Minor Attracted People – Pedophiles About Pedophilia, Strategy and Activism – Pedophiles About Pedophilia, Correcting Propaganda About Minor Attracted People - Pedophiles About Pedophilia, Strategy and Activism - Pedophiles About Pedophilia. Likewise, someone who once held anti-contact beliefs may decide to change their views without any external interference at all. There are several reasons and goals for this project. We accept the reality that such a stigmatized group struggles with a lot of different issues, most of which we are familiar with but some of it we are not. Since the average age for MAPs to discover their attractions is 14, Virtuous Pedophiles began to refer these younger people to MAP Support Chat. Adults sexually attracted to and aroused by minor children. It was made possible in part by having a safe space to have that professional present. That has not and is unlikely to change anytime in the near or distant future. For a more broad explanation of what youth rights are, this article might prove to be helpful. Required fields are marked *. First off, no, I have not “changed sides” or changed what I believe. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. As part of their due diligence, Prostasia asked us some difficult questions and requested a few changes and improvements. […] 39. As you can imagine, being treated this way by his school was incredibly difficult. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I have been an asshole to them. Some views are understandably considered to be harmful, and many minor attracted people tend to hate anyone associated with them due to past experience with individuals (blaming a whole group is a bit rude there, I think, and reeks of logical fallacies around generalization), because they blame them for adding to the stigma against minor attracted people, or because they simply find their views too repulsive or triggering. This section describes how minor attracted people generally view the morality of sexual contact with children, from “procontact” at the beginning to “anticontact” at the end. Subscribe. There are varying views which largely have nothing to do with the contact or imagery spectrums, save that some do believe that friendships with children can be/are risky and that they themselves wish to avoid it (most of this view do not go around sharing it or imposing it on others). These are people who refuse to use contact/imagery labels at all. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 1,000,000,000/10 Would kill pedo's again. Some of those realities are harsh, but they are realities we accept. And of course, it is possible for someone to hold “pro-contact” views while believing that viewing real imagery of children is wrong, or even struggle with viewing said material. Posted by 1 month ago. We see religious groups collaborating and acting for religious tolerance, we see political groups reaching across the aisle to sponsor and push bipartisan legislation, people tolerating each other in the workplace… the list of examples is rather long and I think you get the picture. INHOPE: Stop treating art as child abuse! John would say hi, lots of people would say hi, and he would spend the next five minutes forming a response. Think of it like a bell curve: The lines here are blurred and not simple, and part of my overall goal in this project has been to demonstrate that trying to label and categorize people, particularly in a hateful, spiteful, or dehumanizing way is simply not productive to civilized conversation. Right now, most of those safe spaces are on the dark web, and those safe spaces are mostly run by ragtag groups of people who generally think that society is in the wrong for hating them, and for making the acting on their desires so stigmatized that they have to hide in these communities. No more discrimination against LGBTQ+ young people in California, Support comprehensive sex education and sexual healthcare for youth, Support a prevention-focused child safety law, Freedom of Expression in Korea (Oct 2019), Launch of #SexContentDialogue principles (Nov 2019), Defeating EARN IT by offering positive alternatives (April 2020), Keeping platforms safe, inclusive, peaceful, and healthy (June 2020), How to talk to your kids about sex (October 2020), Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, donate to help keep the service operational, We have to protect children — even the ones you hate, Internet companies alone can’t prevent online harms.

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