maleficent dragon

If Donald is Knocked Out, heal him as he is your main healer. Attack with Sora's strongest magic and have strong healing items at the ready in case Donald does not help, as you will be needing your MP for other things. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent is portrayed by Kristin Bauer van Straten. If you fall off, either try to get back on, or go for her head with Ars Arcanum and other combos until the battle ends.

Create a bundle and I will send you an offer! Check out my other Disney Pins, Minnie Ears, and Disney Collectibles! To prevent this from hitting you, use Guard to deflect it or use Aero/Aerora.
Chain of Memories On the Japanese version, she is regularly available from Premium Boxes. Fire Breath - Maleficent Dragon spits several green fireballs which will rain down on you.

Try to connect as many chains as possible within the time limit given by the skill, whether it's short or long. Dragon form: In the climax of the film, Maleficent transforms into an enormous dragon,which is possibly her true form, at which point her powers are increased immensely: Pyrogenesis: she is capable of breathing acid-green fire. Kingdom Hearts An additional strategy is to glide to her back leg and jump on her back, preferably in between her wings. Type, She has Goblins as her Evil Dark Army wich are her minions and servants.She has her Goblin minions and servants that are her Dark Army with wich she resideds in her. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora fights Maleficent again, but only in her Dragon form. Your party should consist of Goofy, equipped with MP Gift, and Beast and load these characters with ether's so that can rejuvenate the MP Strike Raid uses. Do not worry about MP as Goofy will keep giving you his. If one finds themselves in the dragon's attack range, use Mine Square and immediately Cartwheel away.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, she transforms into the dragon in order to stop Aqua and Prince Phillip.
Maleficent's dragon form.Her own sorcery mingled with the vast powers of darkness made Maleficent a fearful opponent. It is basically the same fight as with Sora, but it is easier since Riku fights her at the very beginning of the game.

When she summons the orbs of fire, hit them away as doing so will give you points. This strategy will make Maleficent Dragon easy to beat. Appearing in Before this fight, swap out Goofy for Beast, and have your slots filled with Megalixirs, Ethers and Mega-Potions.

Disney Parks Maleficent Dragon Pin Disney Parks Maleficent Dragon Pin Includes Pin and Mickey Head Backer Can be used to trade in Disney Parks Pictures are part of the description All items are BOGO 50% off. Have Sonic Blade unequipped so that you don't accidentally use it on her head and fly into Maleficent's attacks. She was first introduced during the Japan Event Villains (April 2016) and the International Event Villains (November 2016). Successfully breaking Maleficent's stomp attack keeps the pedestal aloft, allowing Sora to continue attacking her head.

Maleficent occasionally kneels after the Bite attack, so take this opportunity to get on her back and bash the dragon's head with full combo to knock her out temporarily and score free hits. Jump onto the roots and run to the top of them, Maleficent cannot hit while you're up here, except with her homing fire. Auroras Kingdom land If Sora runs out of MP, attack the dragon's head. Variations However, each stomp destroys some of the bricks. It is then time to proceed into the fight with Maleficent in her dragon form. Use the "Raid" command the moment it lights up.

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