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His loneliness gained momentum with passage of time in which he desperately waited for a letter from his daughter Miriam. Before the protests, they went through the third basic step of a nonviolent campaign: self purification. Karen Hesse is an award-winning author of historical novels. English 125 Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested on April 12, 1963, in Birmingham, for protesting without a permit. A just law from King's words is, "a man-made code that squares with the moral law or... ...Argumentative Essay on “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. and “A More Perfect Union” by President Barack Obama But since he feels that the clergymen are men of good will and that their criticisms were sincere, he wanted to take the time to respond. They tell her not to worry, but she doesn’t seem too worried because she’s confident that it will grow back. Evaluation: The maps on which the students locate the cities will be reviewed and their responses as to which state and county will be examined. MLK believes that the clergymen have put their criticisms out there without exploring all the many causes of the injustice. Students could locate places such as: Houston, Texas; Billings, Montana; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Seattle, Washington; Casper, Wyoming; Grand Rapids, Colorado; Buffalo, New York; Trenton, NewJersey; Cincinnati, Ohio; Springfield, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Charleston, West Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; Carson City, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Lewiston, Idaho; Tucson, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; Dead Wood, South Dakota; and many other large and small cities and towns in America. With simple and carefully chosen words, Rifka’s letters reveal her inner most heart and her fears, and they give us a startling and sometimes disturbing picture of her ordeals. However, guards might recognize them on board and they must be careful not to get caught. Your email address will not be published. Feelings about having to move and the adjustments to be made should be addressed. Evaluation: Evaluation will be done by examining the journals the students write. Twelve-year-old Rifka's journey from a Jewish community in the Ukraine to Ellis Island is anything but smooth sailing. NOTE: If you are using this activity with a fourth grade curriculum, you will need a map of your state. In the following lines of the story we find Ali missing from the post-office for several days as he falls sick terribly. The first step is, to have a collection of facts to determine whether injustice is present. During this action over a thousand Negroes were arrested including Martin Luther King, being one of the many motivational speakers that were arrested. It blisters the skin,... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Some common problems concrete mixers usually have. Soon after that the SCLC began the second basic step: negotiation. At the end of each week, the journals will be turned in for evaluation. If Nathan or Saul are identified, they will either be imprisoned or killed on sight. On April 16, 1963, King responded to their letter with his own call, which has come to be known as his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” King justified the nonviolent measures that sent him to jail and explained why the segregation laws against blacks in the south must be changed (356-371). Then, King continues to refute that he was an "outsides" since they are all American and they are all “carry the gospel of freedom”(357). Beginning in Russia in 1919, this epistolary novel, based on experiences of the author's great-aunt, tells how 12-year-old Rifka Nebrot and her family fled the anti-Semitism of post-revolutionary Russia and emigrated to the US. Three rhetorical modes were used through King's letter which all help express him during his time at Birmingham Jail. (Approximate time frame for this project, 2 weeks.). The story begins with a very vivid description of how silent the village was “wrapped in deathly silence.” The description of it being early dawn and people fast asleep in a winter morning is very well portrayed through various phrases such as “early dawn stars”, “distant steps”, “occasional bark of dogs”, etc. Evaluation: Observe the students making the class time line. She doesn’t expect that she’ll like Belgium, but finds herself settling in well there and liking it more than expected. Killing Lincoln Book Summary, by Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard. Materials Needed: Political map of the world (overhead transparency), transparency markers, a large political map of your state or the world, depending on the grade level with which you are working, and a list of cities and towns for the students to locate (See Appendix, "Places to Locate"). It’s not clear if it will grow back. Soon, the family encounters their first problem. Not only was he invited there as president of the SCLC to launch and support the protests but also because injustice was in Birmingham. I'll send you notes on entrepreneurship and summaries of the best books I'm reading. Finally, he appeals to logic, supported with evidence and citations from influential thinkers. She has a skin condition, and the family can’t travel with her. He generates strong emotional appeals that are powerful at influencing what people think and believe. Rikfa can´t go beacuse she has ringworm in her head. Rifka and her family are helped by her Uncle Avrum (Tovah's father) and they are trying to escape Russia on a train. King’s letter was arranged in an organized fashion that explains what caused him to start taking direct action, why direct action is necessary, why it is worthy to break unjust laws, being considered an extremist, his disappointment with the church, and recognizing the true heroes of the South. MLK then explains in great detail, the four basic steps to a nonviolent campaign. Read a quick 1-Page Summary, a Full Summary, or watch video summaries curated by our expert team. King opens the letter with stating his position as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference—an organization operating in every southern state that has affiliation with the Alabama Christian Movement for Human rights. He also uses inartistic and artistic appeals at his attempt to persuade his readers in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Martin Luther King, Jr. intends to create a feeling of closeness and compassion for the civil rights cause. At last, he reaches the place one day and asks for the much awaited letter. Download "Letters From Rifka Book Summary, by Karen Hesse" as PDF. His purpose is to stir up emotion in his readers. Evaluation: Evaluation will be performed based on the report each student turns in and the group presentation that is given, in class. Imagine yourself being tortured letters from rifka summary by your own country just because you had different beliefs, or. Rifka was able to get on a steamship and crossed the ocean. Mama Nebrot. What’s a Concierge MVP? Evaluation may also be performed by listening to the responses each child gives during the guided discussion. Story Summary: It is 1919 and Rifka’s brother Nathan has deserted the Russian army. Extension Ideas: Students could also draw a picture of their favorite place to hang in the classroom.

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