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Also finished the season with 31 dingers. Kirby Puckett 1985 Topps Baseball NM/Mint Rookie Card #536 Shipped in Protective Screw Down Holder. 1985 Topps Kirby Puckett ROOKIE Baseball Card #536 Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame C $24.37 1985 Kirby Puckett Rookie Card # 536 and a 86 Donruss. This top ten list of his cards provides collectors with a wide variety of options, ranging from popular base cards, that can be easy and inexpensive to acquire, to cards that will provide a great challenge to experienced collectors. Riding high on the scarce-and-revamped image of the beloved 1984 Donruss set, the ’85 issue was popular right from the get-go, and tougher to find than Fleer or Topps. Loaded with Stars Including Mattingly, Ryan, Gwynn, Boggs, Ripken, Yount, Brett, Winfield, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Murray and Others! (And, like with the two-man entry above, there is an OPC version — bonus!). I mean, sure … his family and friends knew, and maybe a few folks in Minnesota, but …. All Rights Reserved, 9. I purchased a pack of BB cards at a $ store and we had a Kirby Puckett. Starting with his rookie releases in 1984 and 1985, Kirby Puckett cards have continually provided collectors with the opportunity to collect a fun and exciting player, both on the field and on cardboard. Kirby Puckett rookie cards have been some of the most popular baseball cards since the mid 80’s. Even if he does look slightly suspicious of your intentions. Couldn’t be more than five … right? 99. Leave your email address below to sign up for our newsletter and occasional goodies (e-books, articles, etc.) 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Kirby Puckett Autograph, 1. Required fields are marked *. While Kirby was a fabulously talented baseball player, his physique did not seem to fit the mold of the typical star baseball player. Kirby Puckett Teams. However, many collectors forgot about the Kirby Puckett rookie in the set, which is one of the more underrated cards from that era. 1983 Fritsch Visalia Oaks Kirby Puckett #6. This was the first certified autograph of Puckett and certainly carries a premium in terms of price and availability. The entirety of Kirby Puckett's career was played during the junk wax era, but many of his cards are amongst the best that the time period had to offer collectors, and is further evidenced by his ongoing popularity and inclusion in modern products. And then you notice the honking yellow box in the upper lefthand corner, and the text inside — “O-Pee-Chee.”. The 1993 Topps set might be mostly known for Derek Jeter's rookie card, but one of the best base cards in the set belongs to Kirby Puckett. The 1985 Topps set took off in popularity, and in price, during the late 1990s based on the home run exploits of Mark McGwire and the success of Roger Clemens with the Yankees and Astros. And Puckett was starting to look pretty good out there in center field for the Twins, as well as playing every day, racking up the at-bats and hits, banging out triples, and stealing a few bases. The rarest Puckett card on the list comes from his stop … Personally, I think it’s because he was built like a fullback and wore #34 … there just might have been some Walter Payton fans hiding out in those Minnesota summers back then. Waiting to become a legend. 1991 Score Dream Team Kirby Puckett #891, 7. The Pucketts you find as singles were hand-cut, so your quality will vary depending on the suredness of the hand you were dealt. Collectors tracking down this Kirby Puckett card should be prepared to pay top dollar. In addition to the nearly identical carryovers from the American version, the Leaf set also offered up two Canadian Greats painting cards, of Tim Raines and Dave Stieb. While those two-player stickers are pretty tiny, the photography is generally crisp, bright, and clear. Score ran the Dream Team subset for several years in their early 1990s card sets, which gave collectors some memorable cards to add to their collections. This sticker from the same set as the Kirby/Garry entry above features Puckett alone, which means the image is almost big enough to actually be able to discern who it is. Well, look no further than this 1985 Topps sticker. Kirby Puckett's first Donruss card appeared in the company's 1985 set. The combination of Puckett, a Twins star, and Dave Winfield, who starred as a baseball, football, and basketball player at the University of Minnesota, makes this a popular card for collectors in the Twin Cities. The difficult-to-find Refractor parallels are definitely the highlight of Topps' venture into the world of premium baseball cards. $14.99 $ 14. So, when Puckett broke out in 1986, it felt like you hit the lottery if you were able to go back to your commons stack (you didn’t have enough for a “bin”) of 1985 Donruss and pull a Puck rook. Well, those foldout paper-not-really-card things included the All-Star nominees, not just the dudes who actually made the team. All these years later, it’s still a great card, displaying awesome colors and a young Puckett with his best seasons ahead of him. I mean, nobody had that 7-11 card, and only a few kids had the Fleer Update Puckett … and there was no way in the Metrodome they were busting up their set to trade Kirby to you. Featuring Roger Clemens and Kirby Puckett Rookie Cards, Sure Fire Hall of Famers! For his part, Puck looks as suspicious as ever on his Leaf RC, maybe because he knows about the smaller print run and the trouble he’ll have finding his own rookie. - 1985 Topps Baseball lot of 15 Kirby Puckett Rookie Cards AWESOME LOT!!! A little reminiscent of the 1985 Fleer Mickey Hatcher card, which had a picture of the Twins infielder wearing a giant glove, this gem shows Puckett posing with a giant Louisville Slugger bat. Rookie cards, autographs and more. And, predictably, collectors flocked to this first Puckett card and turned it into a hobby icon. How can we tell? Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. An autographed 1985 Donruss Kirby Puckett Rookie Card with a mint grade fetches a price as high as $185. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. A Rare Kirby Puckett Rookie Card? Want to see a video version of this article? And this black-bordered beauty from Donruss quickly became the cream of the crop … in 1986. To purchase by credit card or PayPal, click on "Add to Cart" above. Due to COVID-19, all shipping is experiencing significant delays.

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