if i was your girlfriend meaning

}; He wants to be as close to his female lover as she is to her girlfriends. The song is delivered from an androgynous male perspective to a woman, wherein Prince explores the possibilities of a more intimate relationship if he were his lover's platonic girlfriend. "She Loves You" by The Beatles was the song that convinced Ozzy Osbourne to make music his life. [citation needed]. "Shockadelica" (extended version) – 6:12, "If I Was Your Girlfriend" was covered on the, "If I Was Your Girlfriend" was covered by, "If I Was Your Girlfriend" and the B-side "Shockadelica" both appear in, This page was last edited on 17 July 2020, at 22:28. , there were three songs among the top 50 charts, but “If I Was Your Girlfriend” was not one of them. How did Prince create this alter-ego, Camille? It is the cultural norm that women want to dress their significant other, and want that close intimate relationship that Prince sings about. The song was released on May 6, 1987, and reached number 67 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Musically, the song features Prince's pitched-up, androgynous vocals over a sparse bass and drum machine pattern, punctuated by a keyboard line. Johnson disagreed, so Prince recorded the track and had it played on a Minneapolis radio station before the release of Johnson's album. What sparked the epiphany that lead Prince to one of his most interesting pieces of all time? Prince’s song, “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” is about a man wanting a deeper and more intimate relationship with their significant … Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996–2006, Ultratop.be – Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend", Dutchcharts.nl – Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend", Charts.nz – Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend", Swisscharts.com – Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend", Lescharts.com – Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=If_I_Was_Your_Girlfriend&oldid=968207940, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, November 2, 1986; mid-January 1987 (intro segue), A. The opening seconds include a sound collage that includes an orchestra tuning up, a salesman and a sample of Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March". Prince’s inspiration, its lyrics, and its history are all key to how one of the most important and most interesting androgynous songs of all time came to be. (function() { It was originally from the Camille project of 1986, which was to be released under the guise of Prince's alter ego named Camille. He was going to feature her in some of his songs, and help her produce some of her own music. It was a surprisingly good accident for the song. According to engineer Susan Rogers, a rare technical error on her part led to distortion—albeit only on certain words.

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