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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The general consensus is that it truly helped revive the failing category of gin, and played a part in ushering in a whole new era of premium spirits. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – … I will share my OPINION at that point. The rose and cucumber add summer-y, pastoral element that’s, dare I say, unrivaled. I’ve gone through many bottles of Hendrick’s in my life. For an alternative to tonic, Hendrick’s Gin also tastes great with Fentimans Rose Lemonade (pictured)! I’d rather have Tanqueray 10, Portobello Road, Monkey 47, Bloom or any Warner Edwards gin. It’s been around for so long that bartenders and long-time gin drinkers may even be tired of it. Rose, Lotus Blossom and some earthy background notes immediately distinguish it as part of the Hendrick’s Gin Family. Once Gracey had settled on a recipe of 11 botanicals, the team experimented, running the recipe through both stills. A true pioneer of marketing and flavour, Hendrick’s remains a gin that wouldn’t be out of place on any shelf! In a Negroni:  While I find that Hendrick’s makes a very good Negroni, I also feel like the drink needs a little tweaking to make a truly stellar Negroni. A dull warmth of the spirit emanates quietly from the back of the palate. I’ve tried several gins including Bombay Sapphire and Tangueray…Hendricks wins even at its price. ABV: 43.4% Origin: Scotland Style: Contemporary Lesley Gracie the original remarkable Head Distiller of Hendrick’s Gin is still distilling. Competing against other bottles of the ever-expanding craft gin market, its initial cucumber USP has been somewhat overshadowed by other gins with odder taste pairings. Hendrick’s Gin was launched by William Grant & Sons at a time when gin wasn’t the diverse, thriving category it is today. Now that the dust is settling, there are a few that are now my “go to” gins. At the time, and possibly to this day, there were no other gin producers creating a product in this manner. I still think Hendrick’s Gin is a well made gin. How much does Hendrick’s Gin cost? ..as some have said I too am no gin expert either and my gin drinks consist of gin & tonics. The cucumber floats in and out as an ethereal top note. Notes: Made in a 19th-century Carterhead still (one of four still in existence in the world) this “Most Iconoclastic Gin” is infused with Bulgarian roses and cucumbers among many other ingredients to give it a unique aroma and flavor profile. Strain into a champagne flute and top with chilled Champagne. They lost it. I thoroughly dislike this gin. For me, this is how a classic G’n’T should taste. This author of this blog does not, in any way, condone the abuse of alcohol. Alcohol proof is 44% not 47% as stated in your review, World best gin hendrick’s its smooth and nice teast. Hendrick’s gin could easily lay claim to the title of first. I will start with a G&T to fairly compare to how I mostly drink my Gin. But Hendrick’s is a versatile gin that bartenders are right for loving, because it works well from Gimlet to Martini, and even in the Gin and Juice. If you ask the average drinker (notice, I didn’t say gin drinker!) This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Gin Geek Rating – 98/100. But if you’re going to mix olive brine and gin, it’s surprising how the juniper, citrus, and cucumber notes complement it so well. The juniper is now more woody and less sharp, and the citrus more pithy and orange-y. The palate is dominated by bitterness. There’s the sappy pine of the juniper, the citrus of lemon oil, lime zest, and underripe orange, and the subtle bouquet of rose petals and dried chamomile. First car, first kiss, first flat, first drink. It’s my second favorite Gin, with Blue Sapphire my number one. ( Log Out /  The palate is very much citrus with orange and lemon coming to the fore. Very interesting. No longer made, they were built with gin in mind. The Nose:  A light, floral-tinged wonderland of a nose. Hendrick’s gin could easily lay claim to the title of first. Also like many Grant products quite affordable compared to the competition and easy to find in many stores. They tasked Leslie Gracey with developing a spirit that was English in character, but stood out from the ubiquitous London Dry style. Learn how your comment data is processed. Big Gin drinker, as Hendricks is my new Go to. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But they also use a traditional pot still method where botanicals are macerated for 24 hours (all but the rose and cucumber) and distilled. Hendrick's Gin is best served in a martini garnished with a cucumber or on the rocks. It likely needs no introduction. A seasoned blogger with a deep rooted love for all things related to taste and aroma. It doesn’t, and never has done anything for me straight up. Add gin and Simple Syrup, then ice. Review – Hendrick’s Gin Creating a brand identity that stands out from the crowd in the increasingly competitive gin market is a trick that not every product manages to pull off. A rather Gothic/Victorian style bottle that could just as easily be displayed on the shelf in Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory when he created ‘The Monster’. However this a great Gin and deserves your attention once again so read on! The pine notes give it structure, but the floral notes give it a unique character. I was struggling to drink 4cl of it neat, which I usually drink as aperative. It’s a very specific kind of “gin basket” designed by the Carter Brothers. It’s very obvious by the tour the amount of passion that goes into their product. Not the value of it’s high price!! The gin launched in 2000 and got a lot of attention due to the label, bottle design and perfect serve with cucumber. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 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In any case, Gracey and Stewart did come up with the unique solution of blending the gins from both stills. An identical second pot still was made to the exact specifications of the original, and the two now flank the Carterhead still in a space that echoes the botanical Victoriana of the marketing. Monkey 47. A different, lighter, more aromatic take on one of my favorite substances. Much stronger than Beefeater, Gordon’s etc. I also find that for a 44% ABV gin, Hendrick’s Gin  works surprisingly well in a Negroni. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. At the Girvan Distillery, she teamed up with distiller David Stewart and set about experimenting with two old stills the company had purchased sometime in the 60’s. These cookies do not store any personal information. I writes articles for a number of popular blogs such as Viora London, The Gin Geek and not forgetting the Drinks Geek. To set apart this new product even further from the competition, they added cucumber and rose petal essence after distillation. The subtle rose notes blossom while juniper and citrus round out the palate. Final Thoughts: A very different gin from the usual and a refreshing break from the tyranny of juniper. But that doesn’t mean I’m a novice at drinking gin and martinis—I started that about 20 years ago, and almost exclusively bombay sapphire (sad to say). Upping the gin a little and/or cutting back on the Campari and vermouth a bit helps make sure the more subtle qualities of Hendrik’s don’t get lost. Now that I’m branching out, and realizing that aforementioned Bombay is NOT all there is, I’m having fun trying all the different gins—contemporaries and classics—that are out there. It’s also been around since 1999, so we’re well behind the curve with this gin. The palate exudes a backbone of a very classic gin. As my great grandma marry said Gin is the fountain of youth and will keep you moving till your ready to check out. to name a top shelf gin. Im loving this gin. Hendricks is a premium Gin and can be enjoyed in many cocktails. You can also check pricing, customer reviews and buy online using the below Amazon. It’s 2017 people, live a little. Expect to pay around £25 – £30. It’s been so typed I decided to buy a bottle, and no difference. The story goes that Hendrick’s took its name from an old Grant family gardener who was a favorite of Janet Sheed Roberts, William Grant’s granddaughter and a beloved figure in the company’s recent history. I revisited my first love to find out. A lot of what Hendrick’s does (and does well) set the stage for some of the contemporary gin fashions we see today. That is; tonic, ice and cucumber. “Steampunk Meets Science at New Hendrick’s Distillery in Scotland.”, “Hendrick’s Gin Reviewed on Gin Foundry.”, “Hendrick’s Gin | Premium Scottish Gin Infused with Cucumber & Rose.”, “Lesley Gracie, Hendrick’s Gin Master Distiller.”, Good to see MGP getting a little creative with their many whiskeys. It takes me back personally; however, I recommend it to nearly anyone. Then a cucumber infused martini to try it the way it was intended. Just that when you consider Hendrick’s is a small cog in the multi-billion-pound Grant-Gordons drinks dynasty, its packaging feels deceptive. With a uniquely produced and uniquely flavored gin ready to go, it was now up to the marketers to sell it to the masses. I alternate between this and Sipsmith now. Firstly, process-wise the gin is distilled using a Carter-head still. Your email address will not be published. There is a lot to be said about firsts. It’s easy to overlook writing a Hendrick’s Gin review as it’s been around for what feels like forever. For me, Hendricks is the superior gin of those I have sampled (and I have sampled other beyond these three). Sitting on top of that Hendrick’s has a surprising amount of citrus, especially mid-palate where orange and lime again resurface, almost with a candy-lik… Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However for a Gin Spritzer, Hendrick’s is pretty good. However this a great Gin and deserves your attention once again so read on! Tried a G&T with Fevertree… really meh, lack the bite in a proper G&T. A wonderful alternative gin for an alternative mood. But the history of what it meant when it launched, and just how much impact Hendrick’s has had on the modern gin market should not be forgotten. This is probably the gin they’ll name. I simply love this bottle, it’s along the same lines as the fabulous Monkey 47. This was despite numerous recommendations. Although Hendrick’s themselves recommend garnishing with cucumber, I feel it simply makes the drink taste like cucumber water (strong cucumber water of course!

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