god and the brain: neuroscience looks at religion

/SA true UolZqAe.\#(brWGTa4:2]Z0RrTjc,jAATgBLc5WWkuZ=VMYd_^0g,&.l+dBR0NnqX683uah?gnP%?s=N0Qlldb[mP*I BROOKS: Yes, and then there’s a disturbing thing, as I was going to say. >> endobj This is part of how I can tie in some of the topics I’ll be covering with some of the topics that have been more broadly discussed here at Key West. 131 0 obj /A 157 0 R GMG3m@hPcb?=u@;SP0hK`Ub@EIMT.E@sisLFbh%L]"!&k)u\fr-abOZ[(;D5J@!=t)ga*N/$F endobj gF?(&'1p^Ej)n)$IKE?g-eKb->#lqP%FK`WZmhi@S6%g#80s`Pd7,')AMN6Z#pqX. ] 6bSq3a5;krB3nO7pI0"N3;iBk/ iloo!f?<1=(7`#b86:\kcF#s4W=9@1\$dBE^&1#(UC`8[7gi[qLOS,f7? 48 0 obj 134 0 R 135 0 R 136 0 R ]3 :,d4GZgDIA)G?%`!d-;2-juW[52"E&Gf@#6NL3&aT%\F_9*^gD3=N/' _])O\pu:q(Z1H'-m-NQQJ"Q_F,GXYod_-?oLuDJ(_2YlO>"%T2\sW#Ej[$hKSk"#O^5fN60i]VSLftGG[KL*=GI`ctI.]+hm!g. -!nd=D!OAN\#/`BF\7Wq\J8+?+jgS!#&BuqS*Dc%dq&jSIj3Dg)FaB:"$f4'8?>ER endobj >> PLoS ONE4(9): e7180. If phenomenal experience is a physical phenomenon, it must occur at some spatial and temporal location. [Mc"CmH_Hp3ANTEYk( /SA true @Za5smf1e\>e)9+R)Hs8/ja;:iJrrB6XKF^KlhCW0:<2n+ /Type /ExtGState 106 0 obj /Subtype /Link /S /URI YRW&970)5(/ch(FndW(&-/T&WH$W@Y[l_V3X"57qguAjI06JBgr8P69'd`s&*ku$&FS7he/&.U '=X05,Uf>k`,\U,;?fFmY/Z"(0B*mRKG*HMQj#0P7c`eg7RU-D,;hGXec`-6r?bpp I(3Bc]T7C5m-7%(IIogce=ZCp(IE$Qa`S[8_sR,3d+dt(VC*, Y>rM\bG3fQBH%MJ!0F1C63BLh+Gq>SC.RH@Eriq#j8_n;2"$p@,s /S /URI Obviously, part of what I’m supposed to talk about is why there is such a persistence of religion. 'h0b&=OL&shTM. << >> /SM 0.01998 doi:10.1177/0269881108094300. gI`PR&$X9/\6#B2-K4e$9uO6DUIte-[SdXSdc_V#@iWLJaN0Be0X91G*U;++TNBAg endobj >> -SnEEK4mP9f^un[b:DF281bA$U-tKqAL4f9$S&Zie)F)EMVN8IE47ZFg6U/be`$[D 6264 -j:6jCcSC[CLsuKR*+$P&d/F$n!"rF'F.oQ! SbaF"5&T3^C9Yi%7odgj;%A;jQh1)J_gIJtD1d5]0]*+i+Z#tKObO(4m8+)KL^RNB Let’s take the sexual abuse crisis in the priesthood, where intellectually you know this is wrong, but practically you’re still engaging in it. But that’s taken on faith because of the power of the Darwinian mindset. >> When I was talking about the religion concept, that would be where I would really love to see us go. But when we asked the question, “Did you feel more connected?” over 80 percent of the people said yes, but very few people used that in their description of the actual thing. (eHAl9d >> \LOKbF]/h\XcRfa$q_o1D@j6b+ierZ8O\$u[? NjPh?5Z$(nQ$PfJ1;:$sqT>LSVGcb`aGU6I@kETh5Rp9/ZKDTgi)QQla9&:pmuZDf How do we forgive other people? (Laughter.) 8;V^pgN)(=%fM"T#\`.@kRIU]Wnrg;,n[#I@r! >> var mappingsky1 = googletag.sizeMapping(). If we get overly emotional, our frontal lobes shut down, and if we become over-logical, our emotional areas shut down. endobj endobj *r#W*lk'ut$>cC\%STq`J80r_4=PQ;2E]3Xe';@O<88a=7/]7dka_W9?OPYKA1 Can political parties and religious groups use scientific insights to influence the beliefs of others? >> pb4KsYWTs;-VF@:bO)Cm9>'*EoRJ0s8SgX4Q*$X9S8@VKonlS4F;8S$nt4<1WW << nH'&!6*s7Dek'?WZisUqe/LsD"ldJG53d0-1dg>i&L_WDoh"n&[*hc4&I '`;Li,Y(1&PO(BpJ+go^;4!m+@4%"oej,p$6IL[&9^ endobj << << NEWBERG: If you move at all, you really mess things up. Do you think that might be wise, particularly when it comes to something like amputees by choice, anorexia and other things that offend our sensibilities, and where younger people, who are a lot more plastic, might be more susceptible? I’ll probably speculate more than I will be able to refer to hard science. ;lQ41e/j@5KYk&g&ec^YHT[o Someday, she will grow up and have her own ideas about these things. 70 0 obj /H /I /Resources << /ExtGState << /R7 247 0 R /R2 139 0 R /R42 140 0 R >> /Font << /F8 167 0 R /F1 220 0 R /F2 222 0 R /F15 241 0 R >> NEWBERG: You could name your kid Preston, for president. g%g"0P8I1&09CsDf%W)Zato_B6*'Tg@Mckt8.5!ADr?>B^a[STLP!bfI1$2\61+=P BROOKS: (Laughter.) /URI (http://www.cambridge.org/9780521889582) >> Because he had lost the ability to process emotion, he couldn’t process decisions. ?qmD5J@!=Xc^`SYtTqY:mE#`l#BUoH>[KbsKoM /URI (http://www.cambridge.org) << 8;W!9bAQ?2mL/q'3`ZHAU3]JQR@\;h(Q6s8-F`5&aE#s77oF%I3U-J?nki;Tkl?VA The second set of people tended to be much more willing to "see" patterns in static images that had no pattern to be discerned whatsoever. 88 0 obj 76 0 obj 103 0 obj >> << 9 0 obj Rs9k!l64l<4+Y`ZPl=c.>T#6)4@%h5!oTH2r)XH'jSrVm2- 8;W!9bAQ?2mL/q'3`ZHAU3]JQR@\;h(Q6s8-F`5&aE#s77oF%I3U-J?nki;Tkl?VA 99 0 obj *M"NOP2YG"\O6i_ji'40m3-0JcAk D%@s6q'O)a>a:d^G\u+[O0G,jGf:n-P`5u:Km? -Wp9d\mWcY/Cc\0p=']:D_6e5G7"_j^X+*\Dt+>]]Y%bHQ\!Q6!hr*oLiBp&7)\t]o'#f%hYEn;&+M! << He once took me gambling at a casino, and he taught me how to shoot craps. /S /URI *M"NOP2YG#+g:i_ji'5I/W1E&1/VG`IiU PmJ2E;W`(fijP_YU00:!an9fUm9hSR,PrPCJWl]en,,/n#&W4@Tu3QL@#]+a_S(W,XhldZ]XQ9*boIXpU<9dDs>j << endobj gH^n_Sm`)m]_o,e7:9EC%!/g 4*Qm5+p4D`V*3,V&uUm`-sddV0,L3ZoEeefK>DoRS/mG>gFsYt_#\D#c7iN.6VlCm @"DasY 68 0 obj 8;UZl&Cg"6paJ-qdCh11!+$k.)?@pn. f.8)g^m^eVT]9OBXRRBD1+Ms/1"3A>S/L8I#F o-_8X8eqMo21BBO/`b$`6))]lC!Z2UmJ_VGe >> /H /I /S /URI /Rect [ 14.56323 621.455 89.3215 635.29014 ] So I think there is something to the fact that certain people are predisposed to it, but then I think the more they engage it, there’s also that ability to get into it more and more deeply. 125 0 obj >> God and the Brain: The Rationality of Belief. There’s no place for the human soul; we’re all just a bunch of material parts that determine who we are. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. @Hb?16VVI^j,A#Jr7oS31sFEF:/$'E(elPn<4Ds+bX%+A4\?ba;-i@!8E((]XpoR8 But I wanted to try to tie that in as much as I could vis-à-vis some of the discussions taking place at the Key West conference, so I want to start off with just a couple of relevant comments. stream They have that oneness. >> This was the hardcore materialist impulse, which is an element of this research. /StemV 134 9G(B5EpRA9--EK"VGP@u':u'*1)FiH1>q7NetY>rM\bG3fQBH%MJ!0F1C63BLh+Gq>SC.RH@Eriq#j8_n;2"$p@,s /Contents 111 0 R >> 69 0 obj HW]08bp5ad!elq:_P7>&J&4h:ILnIe:sZLis!,Y;a8MYM*-TA"3#Gjp/fd i;`g`s85rDrNG^jBhf3DU;%iN@?58"AqsXEJJ@;AI << NEWBERG: To me, one of the most important questions I always want to look at, and part of why I got into all of this, is this issue – We are talking about beliefs. << 80 0 obj Or are they unconscious? /Properties << /R12 154 0 R >> /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] >> (23'5MTu=;V5i+=j)U_I9%`lbafF\M::H)FdcDk9oUjs3Y.b"t!jIrhJ9-F`IC;st=qp-@ /A 79 0 R So it’s a good point. But all these subconscious processes do have some influence. Then we get into the whole issue of when people start to go against our ways of thinking. The article presents the author's insights on the evolutionary cognitive science of religion. )p^2ONQ6-TdZKBCN4r'+f:RM7U] DAVID BROOKS: Thank you, Michael. /Author (DPSL DPSL) (Chuckles.) /S /URI 74 0 obj >> /Subtype /Link Why? [` /S /URI endobj And I don’t understand it; I don’t understand what this means. But I think fundamentally, they are all still beliefs. >> *m%^\@]7apHapA>8pd%A@]8HpNqW/.HMnc And if you look at the orientation area, it goes dramatically down in its activity during the meditation practice. >> 'c3"Qf=jeo Just to finish up this particular slide, the other thing we have found in almost all our subjects is the thalamus becomes much more active; you can see it’s much brighter during speaking in tongues. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /LastChar 121 If you look at behavioral economics, if you look at neuroscience, if you look at psychology, if you look at field after field, in theology, in literary criticism, people are taking this template of unconscious cognitive processes and applying it to how we think. Or are they really being honest? Some of the Gallup polls – I’m not sure if it is Gallup, but I have seen a few polls of scientists at various times. If you disagreed with the way McCain thinks about the economy, and if he keeps hitting you with how he thinks about the economy, you’re just going to – Your frontal lobes turn on; your amygdala lights up, and you say forget it. >> 142 0 obj We don’t know if it’s one, two, 20, or all million of them that are active. << /MediaBox [ 0 0 432 720 ] 1[30ALkCRCT&[M=C`@0oN!LW'$H%ql,:H(,g@>cZK+c+OO[4_P9Wu[$k*^F)I\8"t I can only give you anecdotal evidence here, but I tried this a few years ago, and I became so at one with my world and so mellow that my editor asked me to stop. They don’t know that I’m doing it, so I had to know when to do it. This is actually a slice through the brain. ))g+@lS$/FrFUO]Dhn5-HIX%eG`]MK@s@I73pJ>9 145 0 obj COX: Saying that there is no room for the soul. It is difficult to even change your political beliefs as time goes on. /Resources << /ExtGState << /R7 247 0 R /R5 22 0 R /R11 23 0 R >> /Font << /F3 228 0 R /F5 163 0 R /F2 222 0 R /F15 241 0 R >> So when we think about the environment, when we think about the abortion issue, as we were talking about earlier, what cognitive processes do we bring to bear on this? Maybe there is something physiologically to this. +-Hon)N'->MV#,%VM@-L"Ceakir(91%;H(XBVIf"I0Q^R#?4Y>WU1]fL_5a]_3:M, ABjPaCpBObN80D)1[mu_:jQNn)6A]tGL)a[fB`*Igcp9jk)Y;^m^*tJfmV`4h^jX] /URI (http://www.cambridge.org/9780521889582) What causes religious or political transformations? >> /Subtype /Link ?N9GWVDRZtQ9G']XIFi)0Ct0*)1$K-!P>9:p?PcK\^srPMf)oP=V(#<61IMInI$\kbg,6M]kGfoB-;+V48]WC+VUX+gtK\Mqj endobj E"U@<3$;18LbBVK+9`RBF[a\/@a\$0OC0DU6K9L2ecjjHMiipD)Z6qW]dh&8\).i< /Annots 55 0 R /A 14 0 R hsri"%roi,m9`(dmDb,3kn+G(^IVo.`8dD7b*k?PT8Z#"@YfEe8/T.CksC1cFZY>ee_i]@nJ&",a /Type /ExtGState /SA false /Type /Annot How Reason Can Lead to God: A Philosopher's Bridge to Faith, Can Science Explain Everything? /Creator (Adobe Illustrator\(R\) 9.0) ApLg-&1H06Il$S-:Z:qZ*]N`?8c'? 4Y>mqFGE9J]:\S;J>&fN

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