fly me to the moon tabs

In Fly me to the Moon, the 7th chords create tension and are always resolved by more stable sounding maj7, 6, or m7 chords. Unfortunately I play jazzy material better than I can understand or teach someone else. Great job. song: "Fly Me To The Moon", In Fly me to the Moon, the 6 chord is found just before the end of the first ending, and again at the very end of the second ending. The tune is relatively long, so make it a part of daily practice to memorize the complete chord changes. Album: Nothing But The Best. One accurate tab per song. However, tension in jazz isn’t always necessarily resolved in this fashion. THE JAZZ GUITAR CHORD DICTIONARY (FREE eBOOK). However, if you’re playing with another accompanist such as a pianist, you’ll need to consider a few factors. Have done others , but like the way this is put together for us. In a Drop 3 m7 chord, the notes are voiced from lowest to highest as: The reason you reorder the notes in the m7 chord from Root, b3, 5, b7 to Root, b7, b3, 5 (in the Drop 3 chord) is to make the chord easier to play on the fretboard. As you’ll be using Drop 3 chords for the entire lesson, the maj7, 7, 6, and m7b5 chords will be reordered in the same way. Min7b5 chords almost always appear as a ii in a minor II V progression in jazz. When you read through the complete changes to Fly me to the Moon below, you’ll notice that after every 7 chord there is either a m7 or maj7 chord. In Fly me to the Moon, the maj7 chord appears only after a 7th chord is played (tension and release). And drop the third note from the top (E)…. SKU: MN0193143 Dominant 7th chords create dissonance that propels the harmony of a tune forward. m7 chords are featured heavily in Fly me to the Moon, as they can function as iim7, iiim7 and vim7 chords, all of which you’ll see in this tune. The login page will open in a new tab. Here are a few tips for memorizing the chord changes to a tune: As a review, and to reiterate some of the harmonic tendencies mentioned earlier in this lesson, here’s a follow-up analysis of the harmony in Fly me to the Moon: The C6 Chord Appears in Both Endings – 6 chords often appear at the very end of a jazz tune because of their consonant sound. m7 Chords Are Often Found Before 7th Chords – m7 chords are commonly used as the II in a II V I progression, which results in them being positioned before 7 chords. The reason for the tension is because of how the 7th chord is constructed. ----- Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon ----- Tabbed by: andyt Email: andrew(at)norvil(dot)net Tuning: Standard Note. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) However, tension in jazz isn’t always necessarily resolved in this fashion. However, what’s often overlooked is when and why a given comping pattern is appropriate in any particular musical situation. Without a consistent and thoughtful comping method, the rhythm will sound out of place very quickly. I understand the fifth is on top. Why are they called “Drop 3” chords? I still get things her and there theoretically, but dig picking up new chords here and there for songs. Fly Me To The Moon. As mentioned earlier, major 7 chords can provide the consonant and stable sounds that follow tense moments in jazz music. Jazz harmony often creates moments of tension with harmony and melody, which are followed by a consonant sounding release. Comping patterns allow you to play the necessary supporting role for a soloist or ensemble in a Jazz situation. Hi Geert, the 7b9 chord is often used in minor ii-V-i progressions. Check out both Ralph Towner or Gene Burtoncini for example. As long as there’s no bassist, or piano player playing bass lines, the bass-chord rhythm will fit nicely. Ted Greene. What’s being “dropped”? m7 chords are consonant, stable sounding chords and provide a contrasting flavor to the 7 chord. Once you’re comfortable playing the chords using whole notes, work on playing each of the three comping patterns previously covered in the lesson over the entire tune. Duo Playing – Without a drummer, it creates a nice percussive effect and helps maintain time. Thanks for the help! In this example, you’ll play the Am7 chord in combination with the bass-chord rhythm. Just a question about playing the C6 chord-3/5/2/x/3/x- I can’t seem to finger cleanly and wind up doing a C6/9 as in 3/3/2/x/3/x. The b7 in the 7 chord forms a tritone with the 3 rd, which produces a very dissonant sound..

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