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And spikes in your seat! Mother and Son 08. The original 1969 album was much more ambiguous in its specific plot points than the stage musical and film versions.

He says he has had enough and decides to go home. | Tommy, in horror, stops the show and tends to Sally. "It's a Boy" / "We've Won" – Nurses and Mrs. Walker / Captain Walker and Allied Soldiers, "Twenty-One" / "What About the Boy?" He is the cruel, mean-spirited teenage cousin of the title character, whom Tommy's parents hire to baby-sit.


By 1960, Tommy has become the local pinball champion and hero of the neighborhood lads ("Underture").

Captain and Mrs Walker embrace but soon realise what Tommy has witnessed, and violently shake him, telling him he did not see or hear anything ("What About the Boy"). It seems you either love or hate "Tommy". Horrified by her methods, Captain Walker snatches Tommy away.

Cousin Kevin and his friends take Tommy to a youth club where, to everyone's astonishment, Tommy plays pinball brilliantly ("Sensation").
Sally then asks Tommy how she can be more like him and less like herself ("Sally Simpson's Question"). [Kevin continues singing as he sprays a water hose on Tommy outside]. Once the Toronto run ended, the production went on a Canadian tour.

Captain Walker leaves Mrs. Walker with Tommy.

With the mirror in pieces, Tommy suddenly becomes fully lucid and interactive for the first time since the age of four, and he leaves home ("I'm Free"). [2] An opening montage of London is presented, beginning in 1940 with the initial meeting and then marriage of the Walkers. Now, disenchanted with their hero for failing to provide the answers they wanted to be told to them, the crowd turns on him in anger and eventually leaves ("We're Not Gonna Take It"), leaving Tommy with just his family surrounding him.

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Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. A young, loutish nuisance. Favorite Answer. Cousin Kevin Tommy (1975) Paul Nicholas as Cousin Kevin. Keith Moon (additional material), ‘Tommy’: Star Edie Falco & Showrunner Tom Szentgyorgyi On Why Representation Matters – TCA, The Most Unforgettable Friendships of the Decade, Paul Schulze Joins ‘Tommy’; ‘Stumptown’ Casts Ryan Dorsey. If you love the songs there has to be something about it then right? Tommy's parents have him undergo a battery of medical tests, to no avail ("Sparks"). There's a Doctor 03.

: Not a particularly strong song, but certainly a memorable part of the movie, zestfully portrayed by Paul Nicholas. Listening to you I get the music. Who played Cousin Kevin in The Who's 1975 movie Tommy? Official Sites He is confused, and insists that there is no reason for anyone to be like him, when everyone else already possesses the amazing gifts that he was deprived of most of his life. Cousin Kevin Lv 5.

They have two children. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. 11. In the "Pinball Wizard" scene, the Who's John Entwistle starts the scene playing a Gibson Flying V bass, and ends it playing a Gibson Thunderbird with a Fender Precision neck (a "Fender-bird"). On the street, a group of local louts surround Tommy ("Tommy, Can You Hear Me?") Cousin Kevin Paul Nicholas was born on December 3, 1944 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England as Paul Oscar Beuselinck.

[Starts singing while playing on the piano]  Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy?

He has been married to Linzi Jennings since December 10, 1984. 1 decade ago.

What would you do if I shut you outside... Cousin Kevin
| Relevance. Baritone.

Cousin Kevin is an antagonist of the Who's musical Tommy and its 1975 film adaptation. Amidst World War II, the husband, Captain Walker, parachutes into Germany, where he is captured as a prisoner of war by the Nazis ("Overture"). Cousin Kevin Favorite musical act to appear in Sgt. [Cousin Kevin is shown torturing the disabled Tommy]. Uncle Ernie, age: 30–45, Tommy's perverted uncle. From you I get opinions. Baritone. I'll stick pins in your fingers, and tread on your feet! Champagne 02. Deadline : The nastiest playfriend you ever could meet! [Kevin continues to torture Tommy with an iron]. The crowd rejects this and turns on him. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. Back in London at 22 Heathfield Gardens, the captain's brother Ernie delivers a care package to the pregnant Mrs Walker just as two officers arrive at the home to announce the disappearance and presumed death of her husband ("Captain Walker"). The Lover, age: 25–30, Mrs. Walker's lover, killed by Captain Walker, The Hawker, age: 20–50, An unsavory street man. I find it odd that you could completely hate a movie with the music of "Tommy". He suddenly realises that he had thought his fame came from his miraculous recovery, when it in fact arose due to his fans desire for a spiritual leader, hoping he could communicate wisdom from his experience of not being able to hear, see, or talk for so long. Meanwhile, another doctor, a psychiatrist, tests Tommy yet again with no success ("Sparks – Reprise"). The first shot in the "Acid Queen" song scene was omitted from the original 1982 VHS version of the film. Directed by Ken Russell. [Cousin Kevin pushes Tommy off the outside steps]. Cousin Kevin He is known for his work on Lisztomania (1975), Tommy (1975) and Just Good Friends (1983). In the stage version, Tommy tells them the opposite: to not try to emulate him, but to rather live out their own normal lives.


To find me it would take you a week! Smash the Mirror 06. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Fiddle About 14. (uncredited), special effects: preparation (uncredited), colorist (digitally restored version) (uncredited), musician: arp synthesizer, guitar, keyboards, piano (uncredited).

His appearance begins and ends with him playing on the piano and smiling, charming Tommy's mother and stepfather. Source(s): search for tommy 1975. The Walkers all go to church and host a Christmas family dinner, though the family is unnerved that Tommy does not know that it is Christmas or understand its significance ("Christmas"). In both the album and stage versions, the father comes home and kills the lover in the confrontation. Originally, Tommy instructs his followers to become deaf, mute, and blind themselves to find a heightened state of enlightenment. The Most Unforgettable Friendships of the Decade, 06 December 2019

The production ran through 29 April 2019. Cousin Kevin Cousin Kevin and his friends take Tommy to a youth club where, to everyone's astonishment, Tommy plays pinball brilliantly ("Sensation").

The nastiest playfriend, you ever could meet! Produced by Sir George Martin and directed by Des McAnuff, with choreography by Wayne Cilento, the original cast included Michael Cerveris (Tommy), Marcia Mitzman (Mrs. Walker), Jonathan Dokuchitz (Captain Walker) and Cheryl Freeman (The Gypsy/Acid Queen), plus an ensemble that included Alice Ripley, Christian Hoff, Norm Lewis, Paul Kandel, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Michael Gardner and Sherie Rene Scott.

Gazing at you I get the heat. | We're on our own, Cousin; all alone, Cousin!

I'm the school bully, the classroom cheat, the nastiest playfriend you ever could meet!

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| (uncredited), Man in Strip Club Collecting a Program With Roger Daltrey, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Elton John. Cousin Kevin is a villain in The Who 's musical Tommy. Mrs. Walker, age: 18–30, Tommy's weary mum.

The desperate Captain Walker is approached by The Hawker and Harmonica Player ("Eyesight to the Blind") who promise a miraculous cure for Tommy. The production starred Casey Cott as Tommy, Christian Borle as Captain Walker, and Mandy Gonzalez as Mrs. Walker.

I'm the school bully! The classroom cheat! (III) 15. Note that there are several plot differences between the album, the film, and the stage production, though the general storyline is largely the same.

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