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STAY CONNECTED! Needless to say, SPOILERS for each of these decades-old movies. Ridiculousness ensues. Sitemap | Get the best of ParentMap delivered right to your inbox. Get our monthly magazine delivered to your home! So pick a film for your next family movie night and get the conversation going for summer adventures ahead. Featuring a memorable rendition of “Ladies Who Lunch” by Anna Kendrick in her film debut, Camp depicts the daily dramas of a New York performing arts camp. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Writer and director Todd Graff based the film on his own experiences at Stagedoor Manor. Now, with a few weeks left in this year’s camp season, revisit the classic blockbusters, thrillers and indie films that take viewers back to their days of food fights and skinny-dipping. About Our Ads In Little Darlings, two teenage girls spending the summer at camp make a bet over who will lose their virginity first. When done right, camp movies can practically conjure up the quintessential summer scent of sunscreen mixed with bug spray. The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. | Cookie Settings. Camp Blood is a 1999 American direct-to-video slasher film, written and directed by Brad Sykes. He does not publish science fiction under the pseudonym Jonathan Black but he does publish a monograph on fatherhood, The Eclectic Dad.

After realizing that wealthy Alyssa’s father and orphaned Amanda’s kind social worker would be perfect for each other, the girls decide to switch places in order set them up. Yes! Privacy | BYO marshmallows…and first aid kit. According to some, this 1980 film originated the “slasher” subgenre. With different backgrounds and opposite mindsets when it comes to romance — Ferris (Tatum O'Neal) is a starry-eyed dreamer and Angel’s (Kristy McNichol) a cynic — they each experience an eye-opening summer that completely transforms their views about love and sex. Send Them This, How to Build a Strong Parent-Teacher Relationship During Remote Learning, Remote School Reality: A Local Mom Reveals What's Working and What's Not, Kids' Books That Share the True Stories of Native Peoples in America, Tech Tools for Kids Dealing With Depression or Anxiety, 9 Safe, By-Appointment Activities for Seattle-Area Families, 10 Amazing Cabin Getaways for Seattle-Area Families, Weekender: Family Fun Ideas for Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound, Your Child’s First Job Might Not Exist Yet, In a STEM Obsessed World, I'm Proud of My Arts Major, Seattle-Area Camps Operating In Person This Summer, Ten Years of Showing the World Through Film: Children's Film Festival Seattle, 'Big Hero 6': Not Just Another Superhero Movie. The book has been adapted multiple times, including most recently on Disney Channel, but the two most memorable are likely the 1961 original starring Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith and the 1998 version starring Lindsay Lohan in her breakout role. Upon arrival, he and the other campers learn that, due to the original owners' financial woes, the camp has been taken over by a ruthless, possibly psychotic fitness guru (played by Ben Stiller). With Pete Gardner, Daniel Cummings, Scott Kruse, Erik Stocklin.

Camp Rock is one of a few camp movies that fails to feature any canoeing, friendship-bracelet-making or even hiking. Meanwhile, Wednesday and Pugsley are sent away to Camp Chippewa, where they’re forced to deal with their own nightmare: overly peppy camp directors. After losing their dad as kids, the 3 Mann boys return to the family cabin every year to remember him, but when they walk in on their mom with a secret fiance, their trip becomes a wild test to see if he's Mann enough to join the family. I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support.

The latter also went down in history because it led many '90s kids and conspiracy theorists to mistakenly believe, at least for a little while, that Lohan had a twin who died. All rights reserved. Sign up for The Lineup's newsletter, and get our most terrifying recommendations delivered straight to your inbox. The supernatural dark-comedy sequel to The Addams Family involves a serial killer named Debbie who seduces and attempts to murder Uncle Fester for his inheritance. Seattle Activities for Kids, Parenting Articles and Resources for Families. I also want to get Early Bird Books newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways. Since its release in 2001, the film has become a cult classic, in large part due to the later success achieved by many of its cast members — namely, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd. Want more slasher flicks?

With practical jokes, excruciating crushes, strange nicknames and an outrageously intense rivalry against another camp, this Canadian comedy film — which features Bill Murray in his first starring role — possesses all the elements of a classic summer camp movie. These summer camp horror movies will chill you to the bone. This colorful coming-of-age film directed by Wes Anderson follows an orphan boy as he escapes from camp to unite with his pen-pal-slash-love-interest, with whom he continues his adventures. For decades, filmmakers have attempted to capture the magical combination of awkwardness, romance, excitement and absurdity that defines the summer camp experience. He has a son, a daughter, a beautiful wife (and a little dog too!) This satirical comedy documents a drama-filled last day at the fictional Camp Firewood. Camp Rock is one of a few camp movies that fails to feature any canoeing, friendship-bracelet-making or even hiking.

Their camp experience may not include elaborate Disney musical numbers or finding a long-lost twin,but they'll get an idea of the fun — and occasional angst — that are part of the camp experience. Yes! Nothing rings in the summer like a good old-fashioned slasher movie. Directed by Nate Bakke. The romantic comedy-drama, adapted from a book by Erich Kästner, follows two identical, separated-shortly-after-birth twins who discover each other’s existence for the first time when they end up at the same summer camp and set out to reunite their parents. If you've got a virtual summer camp lined up for your kids this year or if you are going DIY , these camp-themed movies will help get them in the mood. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter Friday the 13th takes place at the eerie Crystal Lake, an abandoned campground infamous for its “death curse.” Despite warnings from locals, a group of teenage counselors attempt to revive the camp, only to be murdered one by one. In this Disney Channel Original Movie, Demi Lovato plays a hopeful but financially limited young musician attending music camp, while Joe Jonas showcases his voice as the cocky lead singer of a popular band called Connect 3. Find a list of some of the most iconic camp-themed films below. This comedy opens with young protagonist Gerry being shipped off to a weight loss camp by his parents. This creative tale of young love received critical acclaim and became Anderson’s highest-grossing film in North America. who are adorable, maddening, zany, and brilliant all at the same time. ohn Kubalak is a writer, teacher, volunteer coordinator, raconteur and scalawag. Get ready for camp with these family-friendly films. Terms of Use | Since its release, the film has been revived by two Netflix series: One serves as a prequel and the other depicts the camp 10 years later. Movie night! Teaching Kids the Skills They Need to Make and Keep Friends, 5 Fun Games to Encourage Your Kids to Write More, Remote Resilience: Building Community During Distance Learning, How to Help Your Teen Cope During This Unusual School Year, 10 Awesome Indoor Toys to Keep Energetic Kids Active This Winter, How Swim Instruction Benefits Kids In and Out of the Pool, Remote Learning Strategies for Kids With ADHD, 11 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love, 10 Adorable Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes, 10 No-Carve, No-Mess Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween, Is Your Teen Voting This Year? If you've got a virtual summer camp lined up for your kids this year or if you are going DIY, these camp-themed movies will help get them in the mood.

In this film with a storyline that more than a little reminiscent of The Parent Trap, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play two unrelated but identical girls who cross paths at summer camp.

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