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[16], On October 2, 1938, Feller was the starting pitcher against the Detroit Tigers. i met him one time,i got pretty nervious,when asked him to sign his portrait for me.that made me very happy,i still have it today.that was a few years back. [73] He also threw the second fastest pitch ever officially recorded, at 107.6 mph (173.2 km/h), in a game in 1946 at Griffith Stadium. Many baseball historians have speculated that Feller would have won perhaps 350 games with well over 3,000 strikeouts had he not joined the military. "[67] Feller's barnstorming business savvy and endorsement details made him one of the wealthiest players of his time but he claimed his off-season exhibitions and barnstorming were necessary to pay for increased medical expenses for his family. He continued, "What if I did pitch another year, so what? FELLER info - German families. [10], Before the 1946 season, Feller signed a $50,000 (equivalent to $656,000 in 2019) contract for that year, including a bonus for attendance, as the Indians felt many were attending baseball games primarily to see him; he was offered $100,000 by Jorge Pasquel to play in the Mexican League, but declined to leave the States again. Bob Feller Field - that does sound right! My deepest sympathy and sorrow. [2]:69[13][14] In mid-May, the Indians considered ending Feller's season early. #19. elizabeth louis zacharie ferdinand feller. [72] However, this took place in the later years of his career and the speed of the ball was measured as it crossed the plate (whereas later methods measure the speed as it leaves the pitcher's hand). Nancy Nystrup 8/19/07. Only Chief Petty Officer in United States Navy history to be elected to a major sports Hall Of Fame. My son and I spent every summer going to the local double A ball club. But don't take that as a complaint. Check out the LDS Database for records of the Feller family. Mr. Feller did us the honor of speaking at my father's retirement breakfast in Atlanta in the early Eighties when Daddy ("Doc" Egger) was recognized by a major sporting goods association. "[49] In a win over the Detroit Tigers in the second game of a doubleheader, Feller became the 53rd pitcher to win 200 games. He did not pitch again until June 22, when he recorded two innings, then returned to normal pitching duties on July 4. Feller shares the Major League record of 12 one-hitters with Nolan Ryan, and was the first pitcher to win 20 or more games before the age of 21. Feller later offered the company $95,000 in return for the bat. One of the best right-handed pitchers in baseball history, Feller was a prodigy who entered the major leagues when he was 17., Burial: Gates Mills North Cemetery, Gates Mills, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA. I met. Feller was renowned for his fastball, which was officially clocked at 98 miles per hour (A record at the time, later Broken by Nolan Ryan) by the U.S. Army, although it is commonly believed that he could throw much harder than that. The couple divorced in 1971; from the divorce settlement, Virginia received the house she and Feller had built. I have fond memories of Mr. Feller. He was honored as "The greatest pitcher of his time" by the Sporting News. During my dad's (Walter D.(Sonny)Wholey) army air force career during WWII, he played baseball on a service team, when in a game he came up to bat against Mr. Feller. I was a sixth grader in 1993-94 when I discovered my father's original copy of Mr. Feller's first autobiography, Strikeout Story. [54] In December 1956, Feller told The Plain Dealer: "I will return to Cleveland later this week and plan to confer with Hank Greenberg before Christmas. Normile primarily used the Tudor Revival style for the house. Barbara Nelson 9/22/05. “The Feller” for many who know me may not know I had a passion, even though my sister would often refer to it an obsession, and by these days standards it might even be called “Stalking”. [20] Feller finished the 1939 season leading the AL in wins (24), complete games (24) and innings pitched (296.2), and led the majors for a second consecutive year in both walks (142) and strikeouts (246). In the eighth inning, Feller and Boudreau appeared to have picked off the Braves' Phil Masi as he attempted to steal a base, but umpire Bill Stewart ruled he was safe. I became an Indians fan and had the pleasure of meeting him before my first Major League ball game in Boston, having travelled by bus from Montreal in 1951. Feller heard about the bombing while returning from a visit to his terminally ill father at Des Moines to Chicago where he was to sign a new Indians contract. We all agree that Bob was one of a kind! Greenberg said, "Feller's curve was jumping wickedly and with that and his fast ball, he was murder. Would that we could return to those good old days when baseball was revered. He along with Whitey Ford were my favorite Major League Baseball pitchers. 1945), Martin (b. He finished having allowed eight hits and seven earned runs. Feller's team included Stan Musial and Phil Rizzuto, while Paige's included Buck O'Neil and Hilton Smith. At one point he was winless for a month,[8] and by July 22, his record was 9–12. He was always very polite. They had three sons, Steve (b. I hope to reach a decision at that time. I have never forgotten this kind act and have grown up as a big fan of his, despite being a Braves fan from Atlanta. In 1999, he ranked Number 36 on The Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, and was nominated as a finalist for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. [8][45] He ended the season as the AL leader in wins (20) and shutouts (5), and led the majors in strikeouts (196) and innings pitched (299). Feller pitched in 570 games during his career, and pitched in 40 or more games six seasons. Feller once stated that if he could relive any moment of his life it would be "Playing catch with my dad between the red barn and the house. He will be truly missed. [2]:124–127, When the war ended, Feller was discharged as a Chief Petty Officer on August 22, 1945. Great man, with a lot of class. We met Bob years ago and he graciously gave us his autograph.Incidently, my brothers name is Bob Feller, who we nicknamed "Rapid" because he walked so fast, but definitely couldn't throw a ball like the real Bob Feller.Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends. [81] In retirement, Feller lived with his second wife, Anne Feller, in Gates Mills, a suburb of Cleveland. Feller was born and raised in Van Meter, Iowa. [25] Feller also led the majors with 31 complete games and 320.1 innings pitched, and won the Sporting News Player of the Year Award. [60], Throughout his career, Feller played exhibition games during the off-season, playing in towns unaccustomed to seeing major league ballplayers. By the ninth inning, Feller had recorded 16 strikeouts, one fewer than the MLB record in a nine-inning game. But my no-hitter at Yankee Stadium was against a much better team than the White Sox. Her parents were George adn Anna Mantz. The couple divorced in 1971; from the divorce settlement, Virginia received the house she and Feller had built. I experienced something that so many others would have loved to do also and I am very grateful. The great majority of the people of Cleveland think they've hurt him. [2] He then appeared on the cover of Time on April 13, 1937. His six shutouts were an AL-best on the season. A true hero will be missed. [5]:375 Landis made the decision partly due to the testimony of Feller and his father, who wanted his son to play for Cleveland and who had also told Landis he would take the issue to court. When i was 17 my brother and i were bat boys for the Wichita Aeros a triple a team, your father came to Wichita to pitch a home run hitting contest and i got to catch him. Pitched three no-hitters, including the only Opening Day no-hitter. "[87] In 2010, the "Cleveland Indians Man of the Year Award" was renamed the "Bob Feller Man of the Year Award". His catcher during this period was Nile Kinnick, who later won the Heisman Trophy in 1939 and became a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. [10] In 1939, Feller received his first career Opening Day start, against the Tigers, after a match against the Browns was rained out.

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