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At first he thinks he’s dead, and Mirror Stamets even pulls his leg for a while by saying that God is “very, very mad at you right now!” But then he laughs and introduces himself as the parallel universe version of Stamets. However, while the goatee was great, the encounter was subsumed by the needs of the Voq/Tyler storyline. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Unfortunately, the report has been heavily redacted, but there’s enough information left for her to figure out that the Defiant used “interphasic space” to cross over, and all they need to do is find the exact coordinates of where this happened. I’m a reviewer, reader, not a fortune teller. My so-called captain's not from my universe; he's from yours. To see a Mirror Universe version of his character in “The Wolf Inside” should have been a moment of delight and discovery. Review of Star Trek: Discovery Episode 12 “Vaulting Ambition” The Discovery crew continues its time in the Mirror Universe, and at the end of the last episode, we … View production, box office, & company info, Star Trek: Discovery: Battle at the Binary Stars. As proof, she shows off Captain Georgiou’s Starfleet badge. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. "Haven't you ever been afraid of a ghost? I mean... our... face. "Good. Did Lorca bring Michael, the Discovery and, most importantly, the spore drive to this universe as a peace offering of sorts for Georgiou? One shot she did design but was left out of the final cut took place when the, This episode had a lot of dialogue that Hanelle M. Culpepper trimmed down. Saru asks for L'Rell's help. We may be warlike and gritty in ‘our world,’ but here’s how much worse it could be without the hope of the Federation, the show seems to say. Anthony Rapp and Wildon Cruz do beautiful work here, in scenes shorn of gobbledegook that really sing: Cruz will be a loss to the show. When she doesn't get the reply she expected, she reveals she knew Burnham conspired with Lorca and takes a knife to her neck. In my universe. It was unclear how or if there were any differences between his Mirror Universe incarnation and our universe’s version. And what is that giant ball of energy floating under its hull? He then plays some music so his counterpart can't hear. Unconvinced, Burnham returns to her pilot seat. Georgiou calls for the guards to take Burnham to the throne room, where her “council” will gather to watch Burnham get executed for treason. One of the most common criticisms of ‘peak TV’ is that shows tend to bloat beyond what’s necessary – due mainly to the disciplines imposed by a broadcast schedule being removed in the era of streaming. Emperor Georgiou has a rotating throne. Burnham heads to the ISS Charon with a special "gift" for Emperor Georgiou. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Tags: Anthony RappCaptain TillyDoug JonesEmperor GeorgiouEmpress GeorgiouJason IsaacsLt. We check in on Tyler/Voq, who’s now being treated by L’Rell and still relatively a mystery, but the Stamets and Burnahm plotlines more than make up for the note of box-ticking. Discuss. Cannily, it’s when they’re just brushing their teeth, listening to music one of them hates and one loved. We journey back into Stamets’ head as he talks to Mirror Stamets. The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry. Georgiou tells Burnham that she did not expect to see her alive. This is severely disappointing to me for obvious reasons, but as I’ve pointed out before, there are plenty of Star Trek veterans working on this series who have to be very familiar with “Mirror, Mirror” and Mirror Spock’s line about the “agony booth”. Still, if the dialogue is pretty blunt, the narrative works a blinder, with Burnham effectively undercover and at first doing her best to avoid being rumbled. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. This seems like a terrible idea. Because it feels a lot like the writers saw all those Facebook memes and jokes about Discovery taking place in the Mirror Universe (you know, due to some of the characters’ dark motivations) and decided, “Hey, let’s do that for real!”. All Rights Reserved. With the help of an unexpected source, Stamets gains clarity while trapped inside the mycelial network. This worked much better. Charon with a special "gift" for the Emperor. But once they get there, they find that all the trees are dead. "Georgiou." Until Discovery can prove that it can handle dramatic irony effectively, I’m taking away its Dramatic Irony Card. Discovery makes the best possible decisions when it comes to Emperor Georgiou’s character. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The episode is the show’s 12th episode. As for Sarek, he is a character we have a much deeper connection to, both in the world of Discovery and especially in larger Star Trek canon. The doctor is unsure how to treat him, and confirms the state of his personality. More importantly, STD seems to have got its two big twists out of its system, clearing the decks for a more character-driven endgame to the season. "Yes, Emperor." Culber’s ghost shows that he has that same growth on his arm, and he warns Stamets that he has to save the network, or else, “Eventually everything, everywhere will be exterminated!” Well, that sounds pretty serious. She relents, explaining what they did to Ash Tyler and Voq, and that Voq accepted his suffering. ", "But if I'm not dead, who are you?" Shockingly, she starts to argue that Lorca is actually the mirror-universe Lorca, noting his sensitivity to light. What do you want to order for dinner? Then, faced with no other option, she reveals her real originals to the emperor – which leads to Yeoh’s Georgiou executing her entire council of advisors to keep the secret, and the offer of a trade for the information that will return the Discovery to our world, but only in return for the spore drive tech, which could accelerate Georgiou’s genocidal rampage around the galaxy. Immediately disgusted, Burnham was fed a threat ganglia by Georgiou on a pair of chopsticks. Of course it makes total sense that the emperor would know all about the Federation and the prime universe. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Use the HTML below. It’s not fair to single out any individual programmes (except bloody Stranger Things), but there’s been a recent counter-trend against this as creators realise not everybody wants to see moving wallpaper. ... (laughs) I totally had you for a second there. "Yes, Paul. One of the best parts of the scenes with Saru and L’Rell is that they’re both alien. In Discovery’s Sickbay, L’Rell treats Tyler/Voq, who’s still screaming in Klingon. But, to L’Rell, caring about Voq means allowing him to complete the mission that he sacrificed everything for. In an attempt to escape, he tried to make telepathic contact with the other Stamets, which is why he’s been getting glimpses of things like Tilly being captain, and that “palace” he’s been babbling about is in fact the Imperial Palace. There is a God, and she's very, very mad at you right now. Apparently, Mirror Universe Michael, who was raised by Georgiou as a daughter, was part of Lorca’s attempted coup. The Mirror Universe plot line finally starts to come together when Michael meets Emperor Georgiou. They get to the Imperial Palace, and it looks like the ISS Charon is a combination starship/palace, and it’s a ridiculously gigantic ship that even seems to be powered by some sort of miniature star hovering within the hull. It’s because she is doing what she thinks she must to be an effective leader. In the brig of the Charon, Lorca is still being subjected to the (cough) “agonizer booth” when Captain Maddox enters to personally take over his torture session. On the Discovery, Saru declares that Lorca is no longer in command of the ship, and a grinning Lorca has some reason to say, “Welcome home, Michael.” Please, Discovery, don’t get my hopes up that we might be leaving the Mirror Universe any time soon. Georgiou then offers up a piece of Kelpien on chopsticks, saying, “Here, have my ganglia!” And Burnham has no choice but to choke it down.

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