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It’s similar to a sales person who floats a "soft test close" by saying like, “If we could handle that issue for you, do you think you’d be ready to buy?”. Basically, they can deny the issue entirely and drop it back on the lap of the challenger. When using “I-statements,” you take responsibility for the part you played in the disagreement and display the openness for, “I felt lonely when you did not come home to have dinner with me all week.”, “I get anxious when you don’t tell me you’re running late.”, “I felt embarrassed when you were talking to that man at the party for half an hour.”, “I get confused and hurt when you leave your clothes on the floor because I thought I had communicated how important it was that you put them in the laundry basket.”, “I feel resentful when you take our dog to the dog park on the weekends without me when we have not had time together for weeks.”, Using “I-feel statements” works best when your emotions seem overwhelming and you want to lash out at your partner. There cannot be any other person involved or related in any way. By using softeners and distancing language, it becomes easier to bypass other's defenses. Please add to your ad blocking whitelist or disable your adblocking software. It could indicate they have a slightly lower EQ. Get Tony Robbins' articles, podcasts and videos in your inbox, biweekly.

It should be noted that both phrases are extended to the person we are emotionally attached to, although the difference comes in their usage in different situations.

You already know it's no good for your marriage to keep tabs on who pulls more weight around the house, and it's really easy for women forget that they're not the only ones who feel overwhelmed with work, the kids, and everything else going on—men have pretty long to-do lists, too. Don't be afraid to get into the nitty-gritty details when the kids are in the other room, or send one of these sexy text messages while he's at work to send a steamy reminder of why you chose to share a bed with him—exclusively—for the remainder of your days. like i tell my mom i love her cuz well she cares and i care bout her and theres like a heartfelt meaning behind those words and saying lotts of love is like a friendly joyful way of saying like im glad ur my friend you know. It can be said to a friend since it is a general term, it can also use while conveying your affection between a teacher or a student.

It’s possible that some people express an abbreviated “love you” because they believe it's a reflective belief and that they intentionally lower the bar on expressing it.

It can be difficult to use “I-statements” if you’re not used to this type of language.

When you first start using them, you should explain to your partner what you’re trying to accomplish and admit you might not do it perfectly the first time. Hello, Love!, so use them—and use them often.

"When that phrase feels tired or clichéd, though, there are other ways to keep the spark alive." To express feelings which can be of different types. When you love someone; You care more about that person than you think When you are in love, the chemicals inside your brain make you feel as if the greatest person in the world. Remember the “I-statement” examples listed above and try to identify the emotion you are feeling and where it stems from. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Saying "love you" is a little noncommittal. Whereas Love You is a phrase that is used to express your feelings to the other person. When using “I-statements,” we can still be assertive, but find a less hostile, more compassionate way to communicate. To express feelings that are considered romantic.

Juliet R. Lv 4.

I Love You is mostly used to express how you feel about people whereas Love You is mostly used to express feelings to a group of people or even an animal or a thing. Here you are not only talking about the love between a girl or a boy; here general meanings can be taken, as in you can express gratitude, your affection, love, or importance towards someone while using it.

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