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"Lucky" Fluckey they called him. Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite named the next Virginia-class attack boat after the famed World War II-era submarine USS Barb (SS-220) and a new destroyer after former Navy Secretary John Lehman in a … He retired from military service in 1972. That fall her sixth war patrol took her off China, where she damaged two enemy ships. “The trainee had executed his portion of the dive flawlessly. USS Barb (SS-220), a Gato-class submarine, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for the Barbus, a genus of ray-finned fish. On the moonless night of 23 July, Fluckey gave the go-ahead. During planning for the mission the saboteurs had been told that, with the explosives in place, all would retreat a safe distance while Hatfield made the final connection. Thus the problem... how to detonate the charge at the moment the train passed, without endangering the life of a shore party. "G" Names Aviation Green Beret’s new book challenges you to find resiliency, The Navy's most successful World War II sub also killed an enemy train, Navy Columbia-Class Submarine Quieting "Electric Drive ... ›, 6 jobs in the military that require insane brainpower - We Are The ... ›, This is what makes SWCC crews so lethal - We Are The Mighty ›, This submarine was lost with almost all hands. After that, under Commander Eugene B. Fluckey (her skipper for the rest of the war), her combat record became remarkably successful. They could see as Japanese shipments moved from trains on the island to the ships. After the war, Saunders remained in the forefront of submarine missile development. No one could believe a sub had attacked; the harbor was too shallow. “I never saw him pull rank on any of us, nor did I ever hear any of us bitch about Swish. The Barb used these to attack an air station and factories in Japan. Barb was indeed, the submarine that "SANK A TRAIN". He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1935 and served on the submarine Bonita in the early years of World War II, before commanding the Barb and taking as his motto “we don’t have problems, just solutions.”. But the crew of the Barb wasn’t done being spectacular. When he was 10, he was mightily impressed by a radio speech by President Calvin Coolidge emphasizing persistence as a prime ingredient for success. The Barb launched her five scouts to proceed to a bell buoy off the Safi dock. If the sailor who had once cracked walnuts on the railroad tracks slipped during this final, dangerous procedure, his would be the only life lost. “Clearing the treacherous area at high speed,” the citation said, “he brought the Barb through to safety, and four days later sank a large Japanese freighter to complete a record of heroic combat achievement.”. Clearing the treacherous area at high speed, he brought the Barb through to safety and 4 days later sank a large Japanese freighter to complete a record of heroic combat achievement, reflecting the highest credit upon Comdr. Telling of the Barb’s attacks on Japanese shipping early in 1945, Clay Blair Jr. wrote in the book “Silent Victory: The U.S. Most crewmen rotated to other subs after four or five patrols. Web every day. But they did it, put the pressure switch into place, and booked it back to the ship as fast as possible. It was the first such rocket attack in submarine history. He had some ideas. The two boats carrying his saboteurs were only halfway back to the Barb when the sub's machine gunner yelled, "CAPTAIN! It was the twelfth war patrol of the Barb, the fifth under Commander Fluckey.

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