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Prep Steps Program

ProCentric offers early-career professional coaching and development. This program begins with a job readiness assessment to identify your work-readiness strengths. The support continues with 1:1 coaching customized for the individual needs of each candidate with a focus on providing participants the skills to take control of their job search.

Drawing from the most validated and well-accepted research in soft skills assessment, our Work Readiness Assessment provides individuals with information regarding their drivers, strengths, and areas for development.

Prep Steps with ProCentric offers:

  • 1:1 support from certified coaches
  • Work Readiness assessment results, debrief, and next steps
  • Tools to define your personal brand and effectively tell your story
  • Professional resume and LinkedIn profile review
  • Mock interviews with high-quality assessment and feedback
  • Methods to develop and leverage your professional network

Recommended for college graduates, in a job search:

  • Personal Brand, assessment results, key strengths, LinkedIn, resume review
  • Targeting Your Job Search, Networking Concept
  • Behavioral Interviewing Preparation, The Full Cycle Interview Guide

Recommended for High School Graduates and those with some college:

  • Personal Brand, assessment results, key strengths, LinkedIn, resume review
  • Perfecting the online and written version of you (further work on LinkedIn and resume)
  • Telling Your Story/ Knowing what you want to do short-term and long- term
  • Focus and Narrow your Company/Industry Search
  • Leverage your contacts and make new connections
  • The Art of Behavioral Interviewing and the Etiquette of Interviewing

Flexibility and On-Going Support Available

  • Once candidates have gone through our 3 or 6 session coaching, they can feel free to set up additional interview prep sessions as they continue their search.
  • Quarterly Website Webinar invitations will go out to all individuals who have gone through our Prep Steps Program, offering additional on-the-job tips for success!

Our Candidates Say:

“This is a wonderful tool for young professionals that we can all benefit from, as I did.”

Hospitality Professional, BS in Hospitality Management, San Francisco Bay Area

“I value the confidence I gained. I feel like I can speak about myself in an interview much better.”

Security Analyst, Greater Atlanta Area

“I appreciate the professionalism of my coach and her kindness. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and, most importantly, she was a very good listener.*

Portfolio Administrator, Boston

“Toward the end of my experience I really valued learning how to narrow my job search. Because of my coach, I never lost hope and I’m thankful for receiving job offers in the market.”

Information Security Analyst, Los Angeles

“ProCentric has been highly supportive in my job search. I appreciate the time and resources they spent to ensure our continued success. As a seasoned professional, I found the services highly valuable and relevant to my job search.”

HR Professional, BA in Psychology, NYC

“I received a job offer early in my coaching experience, so I then worked with my coach to create a game plan. We identified a few areas that I wanted to work on to keep me on track in my new job. I appreciated having a weekly check-in to reflect on the challenges I faced, create short-term goals, and follow through with them. I found Prep Steps to be very beneficial during the first crucial weeks of landing a job at a new company.”

IT System Support Specialist, San Francisco Bay Area

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