"Before beginning the Prep Steps Job Search Coaching Program, I struggled to navigate my career change from Finance to IT.  As I now progress through coaching, I have gained clarity on how to target my ideal role and to best present my capabilities. In addition to having access to a professional network, it has been invaluable to receive expert guidance to revamp my LinkedIn profile, resume and effectively connect with recruiters. Above all, I've felt really heard and understood by my coach, Kris. Along with her industry and hiring process expertise, she's helped me to gain more confidence in pursuing my ideal opportunity. Thank you! -Ayikaile, Salesforce IT Professional"


"I've enjoyed my experience partaking in the coaching program. My job search coach, Kris, was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was supportive from the beginning, and was very accommodating with my schedule. She encouraged me to apply and search for jobs outside of my comfort zone that I would've never thought of previously. She helped polish my resume and I appreciated the feedback she gave me. Since starting the program I've had a couple of interviews for potential jobs that will help me gain experience for my future career field. I'm positive that I will get more as I master LinkedIn, and expand on what I have learned."


“During my job-coaching experience, I learned about my drivers and imperatives. I was aware of my strengths and weaknesses prior to joining the program. However, I learned the importance of being aware of the verbiage I include on my resume and LinkedIn page to stand out amongst several applicants. Most of all, I enjoy being able to stay in contact with Kris after the program. She has been a part of my motivation and persistence to continue to apply for jobs!”


“My coach was very helpful and got me prepared for my interviews. The mock interviews helped me prepare myself for asking questions and answering questions. After a couple of sessions with Liz and a couple of interviews later, I landed a contract role.”


“Wendy is knowledgeable, resourceful, and sincere with a drive to help others excel in their careers. She brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to every session with unique materials and tools that are sure to help you stand out. Wendy has helped me become more marketable to potential employers with the use of LinkedIn by helping me understand how the platform works and how employers use it. I would recommend this program to anybody who needs career coaching. I’ve been hired!”


“My coach was extremely professional, considerate, patient, and honest. It was a great opportunity. I think my coach made it an awesome experience.”


“This is a Godsend! You are amazing!”