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ProCentric is an expansion brand powered by YUPRO, a Public Benefit Corporation, with the social purpose of connecting untapped and underserved talent with career opportunities in the fields of Information Technology, Financial Services, Customer Service and Administration. ProCentric places talent in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire positions within our Fortune 500 clients.

We are a staffing firm that works with organizations who are focused on training opportunity talent pools with specific skill sets that are in-demand in the business world. ProCentric provides “full-cycle on the job coaching” for placed candidates to ensure a swift launch and successful outcome in their new roles. ProCentric makes the match and stays engaged with our placements to ensure we continue to achieve the lowest turn-over rates in the industry.

Companies looking to improve their numbers of diversity hires benefit from our diverse pool of talent. Hiring from an Opportunity Talent organization is step one. Supporting these talented people is step two, and the difference that really ensures success!

With over 16,000 Opportunity Candidates, ProCentric can provide the screening and support that creates long-term success for organizations looking for candidates with grit, determination, and a propensity to learn quickly. Let ProCentric bring you professionally trained, loyal candidates, determined to succeed.


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