what is procentric

ProCentric is an expansion brand powered by YUPRO, PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation, with the social purpose of connecting untapped talent with career opportunities in the fields of IT, Financial Services, Customer Service, and Administration.

We are a placement firm that works with organizations that are focused on training under-represented talents pools with specific skill sets that are in demand in today’s business world.

what does procentric do
  • Fulfills contract services and full-time permanent placements.
  • Offers full-service back office HR Support for our contractors on assignment.
  • Makes the match and stays engaged to ensure each candidate has a smooth transition into their new role.
  • Provides “full-cycle coaching” based on a work-readiness assessment that is proven effective in matching candidates to positions and offering professional skills support throughout the interview and on-boarding process.
why use procentric

ProCentric is a socially-responsible alternative to the traditional staffing approach placing untapped talent who have graduated from a quality training program.

Our Professional Coaching Support creates dramatic results in retention and long-term career success. Companies strategically increasing the size of their diversity workforce benefit from our diverse talent pipeline.